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This list consists of 2d20 rolls, one for primary NPC personality traits and the second for some smaller things that will bring life the social encounter. There is also a third d20 roll for their race or physical characteristics such as age, height or sub-race. Fair warning, these should all be very weird.

Primary (1d20):[edit]

1. Loud and Outgoing

2. Nose-raised, Judgemental and Articulate

3. Mischievous, Shady and Untrustworthy

4. Pretentious and from Nobility

5. Humble Peasant

6. Greedy Merchant

7. Spoiled Diplomat/Conman

8. Depressed and Introverted

9. A person who's mind is clearly elsewhere

10. Charming and Muscular

11. Wary and Off-Ease

12. Strange, Edgy and Creepy

13. Very truthful and kind, willing to help for no reason

14. Snobby and Discourteous (without manners)

15. Ugly and Needy

16. Shaking with energy and extremely hyper

17. Unimpressed by everything

18. Loud, yet stutters on every word, lacks confidence

19. Speaks over you all the time as if he isn't listening to you or doesn't have the attention span to listen to all you have to say

20. Disappears upon touch

Secondary (1d20):[edit]

1. Deaf or Mute

2. Dead

3. Adventurous

4. Foreign Traveler/Trader

5. Short-Term Amnesiac

6. Busy Reading or Working

7. Suspicious of you

8. Thinks they know you from somewhere, though you don't recognized them

9. Speaks only in a language that nobody in the group understands

10. Contradicts everything you say

11. Asks too many questions; nosy

12. Busy Stuffing their face with food

13. Is only in your conversation to blend in because they are really eavesdropping on an important meeting/conversation nearby

14. Doesn't stop talking about 1 thing (may be their fortune, their weapon, their job, their adventures their ancestry, their tailor)

15. Doesn't stop staring 1 character straight in the eyes without blinking

16. Feels as if they are being interrogated the whole time and escapes when they find the chance

17. Casts spells on people nearby for no reason during the conversation

18. Thinks they are a god. Tells you that they are a god. Acts like a god. Mocks everyone for being less than him. Is looking for followers

19. Constantly corrects grammar, especially incorrectly so that he looks pretentious and stupid

20. Repeats every question asked to him back in an annoying, mocking voice

Race/Looks (1d20):[edit]

1. Tall Human in medium armor, who looks as if they about to go monster hunting

2. Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome) who doesn't feel like talking with strangers

3. High Elf in straight white robes

4. Extremely Skinny Human who looks as if they are starving

5. Figure in a dark cloak who's face is covered

6. Muscular Goliath or Human with no shirt on

7. Old, round hag in a cloak

8. Fat man (human) with his belly showing under a shirt that is too small for him

9. Halfling playing a lyre and busking for cash

10. The blacksmith, wanting business

11. Avid worshiper of a well-known deity who is attempting to convert you

12. Young (any race) child with several strange items in his arms, including a spade, a purple eyes stock, 14 radishes, a ripped 1 foot rope, and some chains around his shoulder

13. Half-orc who wants beef

14. Man with a nice mustache, shiny clothes and more jewellery than you'd think a person could carry

15. Drow with a visible scar across his eye who is making fire from his hand

16. Wizard with a long beard and pointy hat with a book in his hand that he is reading veraciously

17. Dwarf sitting on a rock, looking at a note from a bottle, oh and he's drunk

18. Somebody who, when you get their attention, turns to you abruptly and say: "Zorgoth, the Unfathomable, I beseech you!"looking through you

19. Man with a poorly-shaven beard who has his mind on other things and keeps shoving you off as you attempt to grab his attention as he walks away

20. Keen Gnome with an eye for surprises and a heart for curiosity

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