Raining Daggers (3.5e Incantation)

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Level: Swordmage 8
Target/Area: Creatures up to 100 ft. away from the caster
Number of Attacks: Single (see text)
Limiter: Dagger
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex negates

With the pure energy of the Arcana, you duplicate your dagger up to a maximum of one per person in range. Daggers rain from the sky in a 60 ft. area, spawning 100 ft. in the air. These daggers cannot affect an area more than 100 ft. away from you (the center of the area being a maximum of 100 ft. away). Everyone in the area (other than you) must make a Reflex save or be struck by daggers. These daggers do normal weapon damage plus 1d4 points of piercing damage for every 10 ft. fallen. People within 5 ft. of you are unaffected.

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