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Size/Type: Colossal Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 50d12+400 (725 hp)
Initiative: -1
Speed: 60 can't run
Armor Class: 30 (+40 natural armor,-16 size,-4 dex, touch 0, flat-footed 30
Base Attack/Grapple: +37/+87
Attack: one claw +89 (10d6+34 +10d10 Pound)
Full Attack: 2Claws+71 (10d6+34) and one Bite +69(10d6+34)
Space/Reach: /25 ft.
Special Attacks: Tear apart If a Ragnorakling hits with both claw attacks and its bite attack it deals an extra 10d12 damage,Pound 10d10, End of the world 100d10 (commits suicide).
Special Qualities: Immune to fire,acid,sonic,and electricity. SR55.
Saves: Fort +29, Ref +11, Will +35
Abilities: Str 79, Dex 2, Con 26, Int 5, Wis 50, Cha 4
Skills: none
Feats: none
Environment: Battlegrounds
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 50
Treasure: none
Alignment: Always Neutral
Advancement: none
Level Adjustment: +49
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More information...

A towering creature stands before you, it has long arms that touch the ground as it walks. Its skin is covered in dark ash and its eyes are no more than glowing red circles deep in its head.

Ragnoraklings have a task of destroying the world when it comes time to, Ragnoraklings are not evil, they are just merely doing what they are told to. If you become unfourtunate and meet one it would be best to run.


A Ragnorakling tends to play with its victim by slowly pulling off its limbs one by one, if it gets seriously injured it uses its end of the world ability and explodes, it does this so that its master won't be revealed.

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