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Radiant Angel
Size/Type: Medium Outsider (Angel, Extraplanar, Good)
Hit Dice: 14d8+56 (119 hp)
Initiative: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares), Fly 120 ft. (Good)
Armor Class: 32 (+5 Dex, +17 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 27
Base Attack/Grapple: +14/+17
Attack: +3 Heavenly burst* longsword +21 melee (1d8+6/19-20)
Full Attack: +3 Heavenly burst* longsword +21/+16 melee (1d8+6/19-20)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/magic and evil, Darkvision 60 ft., Dispel Darkness, Halo of light, low-light vision, immunity to acid, cold, and petrifaction, protective aura, resistance to electricity 10 and fire 10, spell resistance 28, tongues, Radiant Healing, Reflect Spells
Saves: Fort +13 (+17 against poison), Ref +14, Will +11
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 20, Con 19, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 19
Skills: Concentration +18, Craft or Knowledge (any three) +15, Diplomacy +17, Intimidate +17, Listen +14, Move Silently +19, Spot +14
Feats: Cleave, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (longsword)
Environment: Syrania (also in the City of Sharn)
Organization: Solitary, pair, or squad (3-5)
Challenge Rating: 12
Treasure: No coins; double goods; standard items
Alignment: Always good (any)
Advancement: 15-20 HD (Medium); 21-42 (Large)
Level Adjustment:
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More information...

A beautiful, extremely tall, humanlike creature with long, feathery wings, with smooth gold skin that seams to glow out to sixty feat from the creature.

Radiant angels are the angels that go out and help make heroes of light on the material plane. Sent in the most dire of times in the world and on the continent of Khorvaire. They are known for their willingness to get into the fight on their own to save some person whom the angel thinks will help keep the world from falling into darkness.

They are a common sight in the city of sharn. Many of these angels have made the city their home during the last war. They have determined that if the world heads into darkness this city will be a beacon of the light and good. Those that live in the city of sharn live in the higher levels of the city but will mostly hang to the lower levels to help the people that need it.

A radiant angel is about 7 feet tall and weighs about 260 pounds.


A radiant angel is willing to go in and deal with evil on its own even if other people are not willing. It usually uses its spell-like abilities then closes into combat to hit them with their heavenly burst longsword until they give up or are gone for good.

A radiant angel’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Spell-like Abilities: At will—detect evil, lantern light*, Light, Prismatic Spray, Radiant Shield*, Sunbeam (DC 21); 3/day—Plane Shift (DC 21). Caster level 14th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Dispel Darkness (Su): A radiant angel automatically dispels any darkness spell within 60 feet if its effective spell level is 7th or below.

Halo of Light (Su): At all times, a radiant angel is surrounded by a radiant glow that sheds bright light to a radius of 60 feet and shadowy illumination to 120 feet.

Radiant Healing (Su): Because of a radiant angel’s light affinity, any light spell that deals damage directed at it cures 1 point of damage for each 3 points of damage it would otherwise deal. The radiant angel gets no saving throw against light effects.

Reflect Spells (Su): Targeted spells and spell-like effects that fail to penetrate the radiant angel’s spell resistance are reflected back upon their caster.

*See the Book of Exalted Deeds for this

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