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PC Races[edit]


Dwarves are the firstborn race of Carallion. They lived in its lands long before the other races came to this world by means unknown.

They are a proud, stoical race of short, stocky humanoids, strong and resillient of build. Dwarves have a pragmatical and realistic view of life. They are often said to lack imagination, but they simply dislike made-up stuff and concentrate on real stories. They are not emotionless either, quite the countrary, they display much the same emotions as other races.

Dwarves are if anything consumate craftsmen, tinkerers, designers and artists. They love nothing more than a job well-done that and the riches of the earth which they seek with a passion and energy that borders on obsession. Dwarves have a lifespan of 400–500 years.

Despite their reputation of being as hard as stone, Dwarves really do love creature comforts and their cities are extremely comfortable places to live in.

The basic Carallion Dwarf has the normal hill dwarf characteristics from the Players Handbook.

Most Dwarves carry a personal weapon, usually an axe, ugrosh or a warhammer which is decorated with symbols of his family, clan, city and nation. A Dwarf's personal weapon is as much a mark of identity as a survival tool and no Dwarf would ever dare carry another's personal weapon, except in case of emergency. The classic Dwarven axe has an axe-blade on one side and a hammer on the other. Some also come with a hollow handle that can accept a staff or a spear that turns the weapon into a polearm.

Dwarven ethnicities[edit]

  • Hill Dwarves Tend to spend more time on the surface than Mountain Dwarves. They have a ruddy complexion and a tendency towards fair hair such as blonds or reds with some browns mixed in. Black hair is almost unseen among Hill Dwarves. They are slightly leaner and taller than Mountain Dwarves. Females do not have facial growth. Hill Dwarves are often friendlier towards strangers than their Mountain cousins.
  • Mountain Dwarves Mountain Dwarves are very stocky and of heavy build. Their skins have a grayish cast and their hair is often dark, ranging from light brown to black. Mountain Dwarf females can grow light moustaches and sideburns.
  • Duergar The cursed descendants of the Dwarves that followed the Highest to the end, they are a bitter and xenophobic race with a boundless hatred for their Dwarven kin. They have grayish-white or greenish skin with cold black eyes and white hair. Duergar appear quite feral compared to their other kin with sharp teeth and long claw-like fingernails. They have longer arms than other dwarves and sometimes use them for running. Duergar live deep beneath the earth in hidden realms where they have limited contact with other evil races such as Dark Elves, Aboleth and Ilthids.


Intense, mercurial, wild, inhibited, mad, fanciful, proud, self-absorbed, noble, pure ... Elves exist to live and live to exist. They take great joy from their existence and love to sample whatever it brings them. The second race to appear on Carallion, they are incarnated spirits made of arcane energy, essentially immortal, their earthly appearance is believed to be a "rite of passage" or simply one stage in their infinite lifespan.

Elves stand as tall as men, but are leaner and delicate with very distinctive features, which makes them appear beautiful in the eyes of many other races. Surprisingly, they are of much stronger build than humans comparatively speaking and can endure warm and cold with great ease.

Although they are immortal spirits, they have a limited lifespan on Carallion, though there appears to be no upper limit to their possible age. Some elves are now thousands of years old, while live for only weeks or days. Elves grow up almost as fast as humans do, reaching adulthood around the age of twenty and enjoy eternal youth from that point on.

Elves have varied cultures. While Elves are increasingly rarer in Ärenn, they thrive in the thick jungles of Farik. Though very few are found in the East and the Dragon Empires.

Most Elves are natural wielders of magic and are often Sorcerers, rather than Wizards.

Fey Elves : Fey Elves are the rarest among the Elves, they can be born of any Elven stock, they are distinguished by their Silvery hair and grey eye colour. Many of the greatest Elven heroes were of Fey stock. Fey Elves tend towards extremes. Some are utterly chaotic in their behaviour, others are focussed and wise.

High Elves : High Elves are the most common kind.

Wood Elves : Wood Elves tend to be stockier than High Elves and are hardier. Though Elves are always close to nature, Wood Elves shun most of the trappings of civilisation such as cities. Wood Elf clans dwell in living houses hidden among the trees.

Jungle Elves : Jungle Elves are the dominant Elf species today. Unlike their kin in Ärenn, they have dark brown skin and black hair. They are sometimes confused with Dark Elves.

Dark Elves : The Dark Elves are the cursed descendants of the Elves that followed the Highest. They live deep underground and still consider themselves as the only true Elves, while other Elves are nothing but traitors. Dark Elves have jet-black skin.

Daenim : Little is known about this mysterious race, except that they were created during the Dark Elf Civil wars and are greatly feared by the Dark Elves themselves. Very few surface dwellers have seen Daenim. Even fewer have survived to tell their tale and have returned maddened with fear with tales of horrible abominations living in a deep hellish underworld. The exact nature of the Daenim is unknown, but some speculate that they may have uncovered some of the secrets of Highest, conferring them a fiendish nature.

Half-Elves : Elves cannot breed with other races except Humans. Their offspring often has the qualities of both races, but lack the true immortality of Elves. Half Elves have lifespans of several centuries, mature as fast as Humans. Half Elves do seem to age though it is a very slow process and a 500-year old Half-Elf might show few wrinkles. Most Half Elves have a Lean, which is the dominant parentage. Half Elves with a Human lean tend to be taller and stockier but have shorter lifespan. If they mate with Humans, their offspring will be Human, while Mating with Elves will result in Half-Elves with Elvish Lean. Half Elves with Elf Lean will produce full Elvish offspring with Elves and Half-Elves with Human Lean with Humans.

War Elves War Elves are not an Elven subtype, but the magically transformed warriors originally created by the Wood Elves to defend their lands. War Elves are taller and physically much more powerful than normal Elves. The magical rituals transform them into fearsome warriors, who use magic and special skills in battle. The secrets of their creation is now known in most remaining Elven realms.


Gnomes are the descendants of Dwarves that left their underground realms and returned to the green surface lands. They are as tall as Dwarves, but lack their stockier build. Gnomes share several traits with their Dwarven cousins, but tend to be friendlier and are capable of making mental leaps that would totally confound a Dwarf.

  • Gnomes
  • Deep Gnomes


Though they lack many of the advantages of most other races, Humans are now the dominant race on Carallion. They seem more flexible and able to adapt and live in a wider range of climates and terrain types. Humans have strong inter-social skills and bonds which has given them an edge over most other races. Humans seem to be driven by a need to explore and challenge the world around them. This also gives them a potentially destructive side as they feel the needs to conquer what they have discovered.


Sometimes referred to as beasts or wildmen, the Urak have a reputation for violence and anti-social behaviour.

Urak is not their original name, they call themselves Nadal which means "people" or the same as "man" or "dwarf", the name Urak comes from the steppe kingdoms, where it means "beast".

The Urak are a nomadic race who live in clans of 50-100 individuals. They are lean and muscular and do not appear to store fat in the same way Humans do. Their facial features are somewhat bestial and their eyes are dark orbs, which gives them a "soulless" gaze which many find unnerving. They stand slightly shorter than Humans, but are much stronger. Males tend to be strong and resillient, while Females are often more Dextrous and insightful.

Urak appear less intelligent than most other races, but sages have discovered that their thought process is simply different than that of Humans or Elves. They can concentrate on things for hours, or even days without growing bored. They may not always see things the way humans do, but they often have a surprising insight in many things.

Urak are a matriarchal society. The tribal elders rule over the clan in all matters except war, where a warchief is appointed, which can be male or female.

The Urak were originally confined to the Eastern Steppes between Ärenn and the Dragon Empires, but the Great Invasion left hundreds of clans in more remote areas. Viewed with much suspicion by the other races, the Urak are slowly adapting to living in proximity with other races, especially Humans, which they believe to be distant kin. Most Humans do not believe Urak are in any way related to Humans.

Urak and Humans can mate.

Half Urak[edit]

Half-Urak tend to look human, though they have dark hair and eyes and roughly-hewn facial features. They have a lean, muscular build even without performing physical exercise and are much stronger and more resillient than Humans of the same comparative size.


Sometimes mistaken for Werewolves, Wolfsouls are rare in Ärenn, most coming from the Northlands. They are also known as Hova'ho'nehe'hetane the Nui'vé term for "man-animal-wolf". All Wolfsouls in Ärenn are Human or Elf by birth. Through a series of rituals they gain the characteristics of animals, slowly, but permanently transforming into a bipedal hybrid of man and wolf. Most prefer this transitional form, though some will transform further into wolves, a rare few becoming actual wolves. Though wolves are the most common form, other forms are known, including bears, leopards, tigers, lions etc. The first native Wolfsoul in Ärenn were Northmen, but a few have been spotted further south.

NPC Races[edit]


A mysterious race of fearsome warriors, the K'Tann live in the distant southern island-continent of K'Tyr'Ka.

Though humanoid, these fierce-looking beings are covered in gleaming carapaces and possess lethal natural weapons such as poison stingers, razor-edged claws, spines, tails and other appendages. No two individuals appear identical. Some are towering juggernauts of destruction while others are alluring and sleek. But all appear utterly alien and are quite easily recognized. Perhaps their strangest feature is their complete lack of magical ability, though it seems to affect them fairly normally, except for many divination spells which often fail. Some do appear to have psionic powers and a wide range of magic-like powers and abilities such as shapechanging, teleportation and energy blasts.

Their homelands are forbidden to all other races and their only contact with outsiders is through mercenary work.

K'Tann are NPC's only.

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