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When we do fall, we shall fall knowing that we contributed to the defeat of our enemies.
—Hack, troll commander, rallying his troops.

Bas'Mera is one of the three most powerful countries on the Northern continent, and possibly the world (the other two being Rytha and far-away Min-Taurus) and they know it. They have constantly been at war with Rytha for the last five centuries, although for now a temporary truce is being upheld. The country is a theocracy, with the ogre priests leading it, and their loyal trolls to command the army and keep the goblins and hobbs in their place. Like Rytha, Bas'Mera uses slavery (mostly criminals, captured Rythans and Elgadorians, along with gnomes, sylph, changelings, and gremlins) to fuel their war machine. Bas'Mera's only drawback in their war against Rytha is lack of natural resources (which some argue is the reason for their constant invasions of Rytha). In this field, Rytha definitely has the advantage.


Bas'Mera was founded twenty-three hundred years ago, when the rival troll and ogre peoples decided to join together against the growing threat of the fairies and elves in the north. Their smaller kin, the goblins, were eager to join, believing that they would prosper under the protection of their large cousins; however, they were soon forced into slavery.


The four playable races of Bas'Mera.


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