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Welcome to Ricasa, possibly the least diverse campaign setting yet. :P

Ever since the dawn of its history, Ricasa's population has largely consisted of only three races: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. Of these, Humans are by far the most prolific, as well as the most technologically advanced- nine-tenths of the continent is home to humanity, in all sorts of forms. The Elves largely keep to themselves, shut up behind the borders of the forests of Kalantar, and the Dwarves tend to do the same with their cliff-fortress of Opridenik. At first glance, you'd think it the most racially boring world ever.

But that's only on the surface. Despite their current stance, the Elves are far more active in Ricasa's affairs than you- or the human countries- would think. The dwarves trade extensively with their neighbors, and it's not uncommon to see one of them far from home for one reason or another. And as the result of Ricasa's extensive history of warfare, there's more evil races on the continent than the Dark Gods know what to do with.

Also, your options are also hardly limited to the good side of things even in the heart of it all. Right in the middle of the Western part of the continent is a nation so thoroughly evil that the rest don't even deign to recognize it as a true nation. All sorts of trouble comes sailing in on a daily basis from a continent to the south, where piracy is king. And a constant stream of evil batters down from the frigid north across the icepack.

There's plenty of good side too, though, ranging from the regal magic of the elves to the chaotic good of the Bay countries to the proud, narrow vision of the northland's knights, to even some former Black Army creatures who've "gone native", and now work for the other side.

Finally, there is evidence (in the form of dilapidated ruins) that other races once inhabited the continent, including gnomes and halflings, but such races are long gone from this world. Though, admittedly, not much is known about lands beyond the sea...

But, grantedly, there's nothing particularly UNIQUE. All of this uses the SRD's pre-made races tables. But if you don't care about playing the old roles, then come on in.

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