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All the races inhabiting Olyptia can be found in the SRD races section, SRD:Races.



Humans inhabit most of Olyptia and are the majority race in the realm taking up 75% of the demography in Olyptia. They were once an equal portion among other races but after one of the most devestating wars in Olyptia's history, most of the other races were wiped out almost completely and some became extinct from the realm.


The Elves of Olyptia were once a proud race of magic users and druids. After a catastrophic war their population now dwindles in the mere hundreds. Eager to repopulate and keep the elven blood in the realm they sometimes breed with humans. Though not officially Elves or Humans, the Half-Elves are accepted in both cultures.


A dwindling race numbering between 400 and 600 left in all Olyptia, the Elves are a vastly graceful and peaceful race. When war enveloped all the realm, the Elves sided with the humans who later betrayed and enslaved them. The Elves broke free and now live in seclusion or in the slums of of Olyptia's cities. Looked down upon by humans, the Elves are dying out and most of the women are willing to mate with a Human to produce offspring to keep the elven blood flowing through generations.


Orcs are probably the smallest race in terms of numbers. After the Magicae Infernum, which they started, the orcs were hunted to near extinction by the Paladin Order. A few survived and now live in the region of Olyptia known as the Dragon's Mouth. Due to their evil deeds they have never bred with other races thus Half-Orcs do not exist in Olyptia.


The Dwarves of Olyptia are another minortiy and are shunned and despised by all races due to their inactivity in the many wars from Olyptia's past. They prefer to stay underground in their mines but a few have been known to come to the surface and partake in adventures to make a name for themselves.


The Gnomes of Olyptia are a fascinating race and are seen in most every city. They are accepted by the Humans as tinkerers and machinists. They have been forbidden from practicing magic though and the punishment for practicing gnome magic is the amputation of the hands and tongue. Even after this very few Gnomes have overcome this disability and still practice magic.


Halflings are few and far between in Olyptia. Very rarely will anyone ever see a Halfling. They keep to themselves but like the dwarves, a few have been known to venture out and make a name for themselves.


Kobolds are another race that has become almost extinct. During the wars, they split in the middle as to what side they fought for. As such, most races depsise them for their innate indecisiveness. They live in the marshes and grasslands of Olyptia and some have been seen in the tundra.

Uncommon Races[edit]

Several uncommon races have been seen in Olyptia though they have been very rare. These races prefer to keep to themselves and away from the sight of the populace. Dragons however have not been seen in Olyptia in over five-thousand years.

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