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The Races of the world during the Time of Gods and Men are primarily humans. Dwarf, Halfling, and Half-Orc characters are not allowed, as those races do not appear in The Time of Gods and Men.


Humans are the most common race, and have made many great empires. They have interacted and used nature to their advantage.


Half-Fey operate under the SRD rules for Half-Elves, whether they technically be half naiad, dryad, nymph, or some other.


Fey are a variety of creatures, including nymphs, naiads, and dryads. Naiads and nymphs are playable by using the Aquatic Elf introduced in the Monster Manuel. Normal elves would also be playable, but would be referred to as one of the above.

Other Races[edit]

Many races in the players handbook do not appear in the world of the Time of Gods and Men. Dwarves, Gnomes, Haflings, and Half-Orcs do not exist; thus you cannot have a character that is one of those races.

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