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Quartz Glassteel[edit]

Quartz Glassteel is, in essence, Glassteel made with Quartz. As regular Glassteel, it has both properties of Adamantine and Mithral - the durability of the former and the reduced weight of the latter. However, it also has the unique ability to convert electricity to vibrations and vice versa.

Weapons: Weapons made from Quartz Glassteel are as Adamantine, but weigh half of a steel weapon. However, it has an additional unique property - any electric damage dealt while holding the weapon is converted to sonic, and vice versa. This change allows the wielder to convert all spells and powers used while holding the weapon (though they have damage reduced by 1 point per die of damage), and adds one point of damage per die to any attacks made with the channeling weapon in the following round. Additionally, most Glassteel weapons are augmented to act as lightning rods, and then insulated at the grip, granting Resistance 10 to electricity.

Ammunition: Ammo made from Quartz Glassteel still act as lightened adamantine, but don't grant resistance to electricity and don't convert spell damage. However, they do have the added effect of attracting any electric effects to anyone who has been hit by a Glassteel projectile, increasing the DC by 2 (or granting a +2 bonus to attack rolls with that effect) and add 1 point of sonic damage for each die of electric damage. They also add 1 point of electric damage per die to sonic effects. Usually, these projectiles will be barbed or serrated to make it harder to remove them, taking a move action and dealing 1d6 damage.

Armor: Armor made of Quartz Glassteel has Armor Check Penalty is reduced by 3, arcane failure chance reduced by 10%, and maximum dexterity bonus increased by 2. Additionally, it is usually insulated against both electricity and vibrations, granting Resistance 10 to Sonic and Electricity. It can also convert energy from the wielder's spells, but with less efficiency than weapons - it halves damage dealt, but also deals the spell's damage in a 10 foot radius around the wielder (and to the wielder), and deals backlash damage for 1 round equal to 1 damage per die to any melee attackers and to their weapons. Finally, when casting spells with the Sonic or Electricity descriptor, arcane failure chance is completely negated, but save DC's are reduced by 1.

If a character is equipping multiple Glassteel items, increase resistances by 5 per additional item.

Quartz Glassteel has 40 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 20.

Type of Frostshard Item Item Cost Modifier
Other +1000 gp/lb
Shield +6000 gp
1d4 or 1d6 damage weapon (per die) +2000 gp
1d8, 1d10, or 1d12 damage (per die) +3000 gp
Light Armor +12000 gp
Medium Armor +20000 gp
Heavy Armor +30000 gp

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