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See Pyroblade.

This is the beginnings of the Pyroblade power list. It is not complete, and more will be added to it. Most missing powers can be borrowed from the Psion/ Psychic Warrior powers as needed(under just psion in EPH). Most of these powers are new, but some are pre-existing psychic powers or are very similar to those powers.

Some powers are their own action, but others are used in combination with an attack. Some are to be used with a weapon and others are to be used with unarmed attacks. These powers are only successful if the attack is successful. Such powers are followed by (A), and are usually stronger, but harder to hit. If the pyroblade chooses to use such an ability, but fails to land the attack, he still loses the power points. They also are not affected by the attack being a critical hit, and do not figure in with fumbles.

Pyroblades choose their powers from the following list:

1st—Burning Touch: (A) A successful unarmed attack does extra 1d10/pp spent up to 1d10/lvl, max 7d10.

Control Flames: Use pyrokinesis to control nearby fire, see psionic ability. Only difference is that the pyroblade may reduce fire by one category for only 1 pp. You may also use a full round action and 2pp to reduce the size of a flame too large for you to control normally.

Fire Strike: (A) A successful armed attack does an extra 1d8/pp spent up to 1d8/lvl, max 7d8. Stacks with flaming weapon.

Fire Ray: Deal 1d6/pp spent fire damage, max 8d6. Ranged.

Hand Aflame: The caster's free hand becomes engulfed in flames that does not hurt the caster, but will ignite any flammable material he grabs. Gives light as of a torch. lasts 10 min/lvl. 1pp

Protective Fire: The caster creates a small, floating flame that deals 1d6/pp spent damage to any attacker. Lasts 1 min/lvl or 3 attacks/lvl.

Flare: A bright flash that stuns a target of 4hd or lower. 1pp.

2nd—Summon Fire Creature: Summon creature from available selection, then add the correct template for "fire animal." Lasts 1 round/lvl. See Summon Fire Creature .

Burning Strike: (A) On a successful attack, the target takes an aditional 1d6/pp, max 10d6 and is lit on fire for 1d4+1 rounds.

Permanent Torch: A target object becomes a permanent, heatless torch that cannot be smothered or extinguished except by the caster. 3pp

Melt Lock: The caster heats a lock enough to make it moldable, thereby making them easy to open.1pp for simple lock, 3pp and must be lvl 4 for average lock, 6pp and must be lvl 6 for good lock, 10pp and must be lvl 8 for amazing lock. Magical locks might not be affected. May also use 3pp to melt any lock entirely to make it impossible to open.

Flame Trap: Target an object or space. If object or space is touched, opened, or moved through, deals 1d8/pp up to 1d8/lvl to single person.

Deflecting Fire: For every 3 pp you spend, you gain +2 deflection bonus to AC. Lasts 1+1/extra pp spent turns.

Dive Bomb: Any time you fall more than ten feet, you can spend up to 1 power point / 5 feet fallen to deal 1d8/power point damage to everyone in a 30ft radius, max 10d8. All creatures in this radius must also succeed on a reflex save to avoid being knocked over. You do not take any falling damage. You may also spend 1 power point just to keep yourself from taking falling damage instead of doing damage.

Flash Bomb: This power requires the use of some throwable, combustible object that is destroyed (the object does not need to be thrown immediately after casting the spell). It produces a bright flash and a loud bang that can stun creatures in a 20ft radius for 1 round. It also deals 1d6 non lethal damage. A reflex save can be made to avoid being stunned and half damage. Failing that, a will save can avoid being stunned if the target was not facing where the flash bomb landed when it was thrown. Creatures making a successful will save are slowed for that round. 3pp.

3rd—Fireball: 20 ft radius fireball, dealing 1d6 damage /pp spent up to 1d6/lvl, max 10d6.

Smoke Screen: 40 ft radius and 20ft high become smoke and ash, blocking all vision. Creatures moving through must move half normal speed. May also be cast on a throwable object (does not need to be thrown immediately). The spell takes affect when it lands.

Ranged Fire Slash: (A) The damage from this melee attack can travel up to 30 feet away. It is counted as a melee attack. Does normal weapon damage (including flaming weapon damage). Costs 1pp. Each additional pp deals extra d6 damage, up to 1d6/lvl, max 10d6.

Purge Self: Deal 2d10/3pp damage to yourself to heal 1d4 ability damage. This has a 50% chance of restoring one point of ability drain.

Skyrocket: You use a burst of fire to propel yourself up to 3 times as fast as your normal land speed in any direction, including straight up. This counts as a move action. Costs 1 power point per 20 feet moved.

Keen Edge, Psionic: Doubles a weapons normal threat range for 10min/lvl.

Guardian Hell Hound: Creates a permanent hell hound capable of guarding up to a 100ft radius. Must guard a stationary location. Can move once a week. May have 1 hound/ 5 levels at a time (max 4).

Fire Whip: creates a whip made of fire in the caster's free hand. He is automatically proficient with it, and deals damage as a normal whip with the flaming weapon addition. 1 power point/2 rounds.

Conflagration: Sends a bolt of fire to a target up to 20ft away, lighting the target on fire at the beginning of his next turn for 2d4 rounds, dealing 1d6 each round at the beginning of the target's turn. The target must also make a will save to prevent from becoming terrified. Any creature within 5ft of the target while he is on fire must make a reflex save to avoid catching on fire themselves, with similar will save needed to keep from being terrified. Each subsequent generation of creatures caught on fire are on fire for one fewer round e.g. 1st person: 2d4. Next people:2d4-1. Next:2d4-2 ... minimum of one round. 3pp

Pyrotechnics: The pyroblade is able to create explosives to be used later. These explosives take ten minutes each to make, along with various materials that are easily available in most towns for about 50gp. They can be crafted to go off by timed fuse, proximity (extra 5gp), or remotely detonated (extra 10gp). They detonate in a 10ft radius or in a 15ft cone. The timed explosives can be set any time from immediate to 24 hours. The proximity explosives detonate when someone enters an adjacent square to where it is set. The remotely detonated explosives can be activated from up to one mile away. They all deal 4d6. The creation requires a d20 role, where a 20 means the explosive does double damage, and a 1 the explosive detonates while the pyroblade is attempting to make it. No other role affects the creation.

4th—Shielding Fire: You are wrapped in flame, take half damage from fire in addition to resistance, any attacker who attacks with a natural or handheld weapon takes 1d6/2pp spent. Lasts one round per lvl.

Shield of Fire: A fiery shield suddenly appears in your free hand. You are automatically proficient with this shield. It requires the use of your free hand and gives a +3 shield bonus to AC, but in no other way affects your actions (no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or weight additions). Lasts 1 round / power point spent.

Imbue Weapon: The selected weapon is given a magical enhancement bonus equal to 1/3 the power points spent. Stacks with already magical weapons. Lasts 10 min/lvl.

Blood Sacrifice: A pyroblade with this power may sacrifice health in place of power points to fuel a power. He may choose at any time to deal 1.5 hp damage to himself (rounding up) as a substitute for a single power point. This sacrifice takes place immediately before the use of another power, so if the loss of hp results in him dying or being knocked unconscious, the power immediately fails.

Flaming Fist:(A) Ranged unarmed touch attack. Deals 1d6 fire damage/power point spent and knocks target down.

Draining Touch: (A) On the successful unarmed touch attack, the pyroblade deals 1d6/power point spent, max 10d6, cold damage to the target, and is himself healed for half that amount.

5th— Sacrificial Strike: (A) On the successful unarmed touch attack, the pyroblade does 3d10 fire damage/power point spent, max 30d10, to the target. The pyroblade also takes one third of the damage himself, bypassing his normal fire resistance.

Draining Touch: (A) On the successful unarmed touch attack, the pyroblade deals 1d6/power point spent, max 10d6, cold damage to the target, and is himself healed for half that amount.

Heat Seaker: You are able to sense the presents of any warm blooded creatures or other heat sources in a 30 ft radius, and gain a +4 bonus to all attack roles against such creatures. Lasts 10 min. Costs 4 pp.

Guardian Warhound: Creates a single guardian Nessian Warhound under the same restrictions as guardian hell hound, except that the caster may only have one at a time.

Ranged Fire Swipe:(A) Similar to Ranged Fire Slash, except the damage goes out in a conic shape 30 feet long. An attack role should be made for every creature within the cone at a -2 penalty, dealing 1d8 fire damage/power point spent, max 10d8, to each creature it hits.

Fire Snake: A streak of fire 5ft in diameter streaks out from the pyroblade. It follows any path directed by the pyroblade up to 5ft per 2 levels in length. Any creature in the fires path takes 1d6/pp spent.

Shockwave: You become the center of an explosion that does not harm you, but does 1d6/pp spent up to 10d6 to everyone in a 20ft radius, as well as knocking them down if they fail a Reflex save.

Eruption: (A) The point of contact with your weapon and the target becomes the center of a fireball of 20ft radius, dealing no damage to you, but 1d10/2pp spent up to 1d10/lvl, max 10d10, damage to anyone else in the blast.

'Barrage: The pyroblade selects a target location and then takes two full rounds preparing a massive fireball that hurtles towards the target at the end of his second turn. The projectile explodes upon reaching the target, dealing 8d10 damage in a 10ft radius, 6d10 in a 20ft radius, and 4d10 in a 30ft radius, also knocking creatures back. Also deals damage to structures as a heavy catapult. 8pp.

Transform Dragon: The pyroblade transforms into a juvenile red or gold dragon, depending on alignment. Lasts as long as the pyroblade wishes, but he cannot meditate in this form. 5pp.

6th— Breath of the Fire Dragon: Deals 1d10 fire damage/power point spent to every creature in a 40ft cone

Flame Thrower: This full round attack is composed of three smaller attacks, which may be directed in different directions, in the same direction, or however you choose. Each of the three smaller attacks is in a 40ft cone, and deals 1d6 fire damage / power points spent. Reflex saving throw for half, and anyone failing this save is lit on fire for 2d4 rounds.

Demoralizing Strike: (A) You deal 1d4 Constitution damage / 3 pp spent. The target is also frightened for 1d4-1 rounds.

Lava Flow: Lava flows forth in 10ft wide stream 30ft per round. lasts up to 1 round/level. Direction is controllable. Requires complete focus. Deals 1d6/2 lvls damage and lights creatures on fire for 1d4 rounds/3lvls. Lava cools and becomes harmless 10 minutes after spell ends. Any creature in the lava may make a reflex saving throw to avoid half damage. 4pp to start, 1pp each additional round.

Aurora: The pyroblade is wrapped in fire and light, gaining frightening presence. Whip-like extensions of flame , 1/5lvls, come out of the fire. The pyroblade may make attacks with each one as a free action. Attacks from these are as if from a flaming whip. The pyroblade also moves as if hasted, gaining an extra standard action per round. He also retains the use of both hands as normal, but gains +4 to any attacks made while in this state, as well as +3 deflection bonus to AC. 7pp/round.

Incinerate:(A) The successfully attacked target must make a Reflex saving throw to avoid instant death by incineration. Any flammable equipment is destroyed, and the body reduced to ash. If the saving throw is made, the target takes 7d8 fire damage, and is lit on fire for 1d4+1 rounds. 10pp.

Pillar of Fire: A pillar of flame in a 20ft radius erupts upwards for 40ft from a target location on the ground. This has a chance to knock creatures caught in the eruption into the air. The pillar of flame deals 8d6 damage initially and remains for 5 rounds, dealing 2d6 damage to any creature entering the pillar or still in the pillar at the beginning of their turn. Creatures thrown into the air are thrown out of the pillar, but other creatures remain in the pillar. The pyroblade may use firewalk in the pillar. 6pp.

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