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The Putrid Fountain
Level: Blightmancer 6
Components: V, S, F
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: 40 foot radius
Area: 40 foot radius
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/2 blightmancer levels
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes

The blightmancer raises his hands to the heavens, spewing a toxic green liquid in an area centered around him. Every target hit suffers 3d6 poison damage +2/blightmancer level (max +10) each round that the blightmancer channels the spell. Furthermore, the 40 foot area around the blightmancer becomes tainted; all creatures who are not immune to poison suffer 1d4/2 blightmancer levels poison damage for each 5 feet they move in the tainted area and 1d8/2 blightmancer levels poison damage if they remain in the area at the end of the round. The blightmancer and creatures immune to poison are unaffected by the taint damage. The tainted area lasts 10 minutes for each round that the blightmancer channeled the spell.

If used underwater, the tainted area lasts half as long, but covers a 60 foot radius instead.

The tainted area created may be made permanent by a permanency spell. The caster must have a caster level of at least 14 and it costs 3,500 xp to do so. An underwater taint field may not be made permanent.

Focus: A handful of rot or rotting substance.

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