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A Puppet for use by puppeteers.

Puppets are not cheap, but they can yield great rewards(depending on class) the prices are displayed by size. Additional limbs may be added at extra cost. Standard puppets come with a head, two arms, two legs, and a torso.

Puppet Costs
Size Cost
Tiny 100 gold.
Small 300 gold.
Medium 900 gold.
Large 1,800 gold.

Puppets may wield weapons equivalent to their size, and deal damage accordingly. All puppets are built hollow, and have storage in their bodies as follows. This table is fitted for a medium sized puppet, for smaller puppets, half the storage each stage lower, for larger puppets, double the size of storage.

Puppet Storage
Section Storage
Torso 2 cubic ft
Legs 1 cubic ft
Arms 1 cubic ft
Head .5 cubic ft

Puppets may store anything inside their storage so long as it fits. Puppets can call forth anything hidden within them as a swift action.if a bag of holding is withing a compartment, then the puppet may call items from the bag of holding. the bag must be made with the puppet, it cannot be removed or added after the puppets creation. If scrolls are stored, then the scrolls become fused with the puppet and cannot be changed. The number of scroll uses depends on the scroll level. Using a scroll from a puppet is a standard action.

Puppet Scroll Usage
Scroll Level Uses/Day
0 No limit
1 25
2 10
3 4
4 2
5 1
6 0

the following is the additional limbs that may be added to a puppet, as well as other various add-ons. half for smaller, double for larger.

Puppet Add-ons
Add-on Cost
+2 arms 1000 gold
+2 legs 1500 gold
set of wings 5000 gold
+1 head 500 gold
Darkwood Cost * 2
Steel Cost *4
Mithral Cost * 10
Perfect(+1) Cost * 50

Puppets never break completely, they can always be fixed. their HP depends on what they are made of and what material they are made of

Puppet HP
Add-on HP
Base(wood) 50Hp
+2 Arms +25Hp
+2 legs +30Hp
set of wings +10Hp
+1 head +80Hp
Darkwood +00Hp
Steel Hp * 2
Mithral Hp * 3
Perfect(+1) +100Hp

Each possible add-on is described below:

+2 Arms: Puppet gains two arms, can store more via these arms, and use more weapons.

+2 Legs: Puppet gains two legs, land speed increases by 20 ft, triple carry capacity

Set of wings: Puppet gains wings, can fly at land speed +30

+1 Head: Puppet gains additional head, increased HP, also, can use +1 stored components per swift action

Darkwood: Puppet is made of darkwood, becomes lighter, gains HP.

Steel: Puppet is made of steel, it becomes heavier and much sturdier.

Mithral: Puppet is made of mithral, the weight is unchanged but it becomes sturdier.

Perfect(+1): For each Perfect attribute taken, HP is increased by 100. Weapons deal +1 damage, Puppet has +1 to hit. Scrolls may be used +1 time a day. +3 all saves, and AC.

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