Punishment of the Nine (3.5e Invocation)

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Punishment of the Nine

Dire; 9th; Eldritch Essence

Calling upon the light of the Ninth Lord's famed Ruby Rod, you bring any foe to ruin.

This invocation alters your baatorian blast, removing its normal appearance and damage. The blast now takes the form of a ruby ray, sparkling like a stream of the finest cut ruby gemstones. This ray lowers the damage of baatorian blast by 2d6, but it becomes typeless damage; the ray requires a successful touch attack. The ruby ray may not be invoked in an area of anti-magic, but can affect targets within such an area.

Targets struck by the ray glow with a deep red faerie fire like effect for 24 hours, this effect may not be removed while in Baator by any means short of the will of an archduke. Those affected by this invocation are recognized as "fair game", and provoke unceasing violence against themselves in all baatorian natives that see them; furhtermore, all archdukes are instantly and constantly aware of the target's exact position on their layer of Baator.

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