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Lesser Punishing: Armor and shields lash opponents with harmful energy when you are struck by an attack. The creator of a punishing shield or armor chooses the energy type when the item is crafted: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. A suit of armor or shield can be imbued with only one punishing enhancement.

A surge of energy lashes your enemy, punishing him for his impudence.

When hit by a melee attack, you may spend an immediate action (mental) to deal 1d8 points of energy damage to that opponent. You must have line of sight to the target.

Faint Evocation;CL 6; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, and an elemental spell; Market Price: +1 enhancement

Damage Type Spells Needed Reference, Page
acid acid arrow or acid breath Spell Compendium, 7
cold cone of cold, hailstones, or ice storm Spell Compendium, 109
electricity call lightning or lighting bolt
fire fireball, fire shield or flame strike
sonic sound burst, shout, or resonating bolt Spell Compendium, 174

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