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An automated, artificial Warforged limb.

Cost: 1,500 GP, Refit Limb to attach. You may also gain one for free at first level if your DM allows (they are well within their rights to ask that you take a character flaw in exchange unless your campaign is superpowered).

Benefits: You can attach or embed Warforged components in the limb as if you were a Warforged (such as a wand sheath). Also, you gain a nonmagical +1 improvement to base natural armor (max +2 from two or more limbs). This is a base boost, not a magical enhancement bonus. In addition, you gain 15% benefit from repair spells and oils, which may not be increased by any means. The only exception to this is that each additional limb increases this 15% benefit by an additional 5%.

Benefits, Part 2: Your new arm or leg now does 1d4 lethal damage with a successful unarmed attack. If your DM allows the same for warforged (assuming they exist in your campaign) then the foot or hand may be enchanted as a magical weapon. It is still considered an unarmed attack. If you take the Improved Unarmed Strike feat, then you may once again deal nonlethal damage with that limb, as well as treating it as an armed attack.

Tradeoff: Natural healing is reduced by one point per limb (for one night's sleep) or two points per limb (for full 24-hour bedrest). Also, one hit point per two character levels (per limb) can only be healed magically. The reduction in natural healing cannot reduce the amount you heal to less than one point per rest (though it does not stop other effects that do so). This can be nullified by the character by in exchange for a single character flaw (Unearthed Arcana), which must be added when you first gain the limb.

This kind of limb is extremely rare, and is usually only found on important military veterans and adventurers who couldn't afford (or chose to go without) magical limb regeneration. It must be specially crafted for the wearer, and is destroyed if removed. Also, in order to find someone with the skill to make one, you must go to at least a small city, and even then your DM may decide that you need to find a larger city or metropolis.

Note: This is best suited for a Eberron campaign or other campaign with Warforged in it.


Due to the fact that it magically fuses with the nerve endings, and is essentially a living construct part, antimagic effects or magical suppression may interfere with the limb. All skill checks made using that limb take a -1 penalty while within an antimagic field or while supressed, as the limb is slightly sluggish.

If this Variant is used, however, it is recommended to add a masterwork version, for 500 GP more (2,000 GP) that is immune to this effect.

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