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The Forgotten - Summary[edit]

The Forgotten is not so much a faction as a champion for the equality of mutants. This group has little concern for geopolitics, and could care less about Tiberium (after all, Tiberium is what poisoned them). What does concern the mutants of the Forgotten is equal rights. They will not stand aside and watch as mutants are used as political ploys, then abandoned in the slums from whence they came.

Kairn Werzel[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Role: Dictator

While Kairn Werzel was not a member of the Forgotten, and no mutant would ever praise him, he had an important impact on the movement. During his despotic rule over Leningrad during the Isolation, many of the future founders of the Forgotten, including Saul of Leningrad, made names for themselves by actively fighting his dictatorship. While Kairn Werzel may not have directly contributed to the movement, he helped those who would lead the Forgotten to make names for themselves, and garner respect for the mutant cause

Saul of Leningrad[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Fighter

Role: Founder, Leader

Saul of Leningrad founded the Forgotten in early 1415, as a group of vigillantes to maintain peace in mutant slums. Often, non-mutants would enter the slums and either steal valuables, vandalize buildings, or (rarely) kill mutants. He lead efforts to get reparations for the survivors of the Isolation, but the crippled Empire was unable to help them. In 1416, Saul lead the mutants to riot in Leningrad, believe only those who had suffered for the Capital deserved to live there. Unfortunately, the revolt failed, though from that point forward, the Forgotten was taken seriously.

Mark Coolidge[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Half-elf

Class: Expert

Role: Tiberium Researcher

After leaving the Empire in the aftermath of Emperor Lenin's disappearance, Mark Coolidge joined the Forgotten's fight for mutant rights. Using his Cambridge education and experience in Tiberium research, he developed a number of ballistic weapons to keep the Forgotten a viable force. He still continued his reasearch, and some theorize that he helped the Church decode its portion of the Tacitus. Many report Forgotten mutants picking theough the aftermath of many Firestorm Crisis skirmishes, likely to provide Coolidge with technology to research and adapt for the mutant cause

DM's Note[edit]

What about the Invasion? Who lived and died?

This is something you will have to decide for yourself. It is not likely that many of the important characters could have survived the 20-odd years of alien domination, but you might decide that one of these people is important to your game. An entire adventure could be based on tracking down and saving one of leaders.

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