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You have spent most of your adult life enforcing contracts between people and acting on others' behalf. Providing a sense of balance between multiple disputing parties as an independent intermediary. A good portion of the profession has lead you to be present for many court proceedings, Bearing witness to meetings and signing of agreements between noblemen, as well as allowing you access to sensitive documents regarding claimants. Your influence does not end in the courts however. You may have been an intermediary between trading houses, an executor of wills etc... Not all proctors are entirely "fair". Personal biases, and motivations shape their decisions and conduct more often than not.

Something had driven you to get into a life of adventuring. What was it that kickstarted your position as a competent member of an adventuring party? Are you tagging along with an adventuring party for the sake of brokering their dealings between them and their employers? Perhaps you've grown tired of sitting in a pile of paperwork and had developed an intense wanderlust? Maybe it had not been of your choice. Maybe you have crossed a nobleman while failing an attempt to secretly line your pockets with a portion of their profits from a deal you were mediating?

Skill Proficiencies: Insight or Persuasion and Investigation

Tool/Language Proficiencies: Forgery Kit and One language or Two languages

Equipment: a small knife, a set of fine clothes, a uniform, a personal document seal, a package of quality paper, ink, and pens, a pouch containing 15gp.


Those in the profession tend toward certain fields in most cases. Whether they are in it for justice, profit, or personal advancement, they find their niche and perform well.

d6 Specialization
1 Attorney (Prosecutor/Defense)
2 Executor
3 Trade Broker
4 Notary
5 Asset Consultant
6 General Proctor

Feature: Bureaucrat[edit]

All those years of digging through and shuffling papers has lead to you having a better understanding of sorting methods for different kinds of documents, developing both a keen eye for finding specific documents in piles of similar ones, you also know where to scan for the most important pieces of information contained within the papers. Especially in the case of well-kept records, you are in your element, able to sort through almost anything to find the records you seek.

Your profession has taught you to better sort through and discover documents, granting advantage on investigation checks to find documents such as Records, biographies, etc... about a specific person as well as granting advantage on insight checks for discovering useful information from said documents.

Also, the simple act of asking for documents on a person is much less conspicuous for someone of your profession than a layman asking for sensitive information, even from a foreign court, you are unlikely to be questioned as heavily about your inquiries for information in most cases.

Alternate Feature: Underworld Archivist[edit]

Your work has lead you to hold onto sensitive pieces of information, typically of an incriminating nature. Whether it be evidence of criminal involvement or an embarrassing lifestyle/event that could potentially ruin an individual's reputation With this, you have access to contacts who have varying degrees of respect and cooperation (Whether positive or negative) depending on how the DM rules these contacts had reacted to you in the past. Typically they are part of criminal elements or deal with those who are. Your official title also tends to increase the value and perceived reliability of the information, your statements, whether fallacious or true, are generally more likely to be taken seriously, however not to any extreme degree above a layman.

Once per encounter, coupled with a piece of tangible evidence (meaning in writing or otherwise not hear-say) suitable for blackmailing the individual, you have advantage on an intimidation or persuasion check against that NPC. This does not work against everyone as some people simply will not respond to blackmail favorably.

If the attempt fails:, that piece of evidence no longer can be used to gain advantage in another encounter with the NPC. They will be more confident in weathering the consequences if you go through with your threat and may become more hostile and less cooperative.

If the attempt succeeds:, the evidence may be used again to gain advantage in another encounter with the NPC, however, it will be increasingly difficult with each success to convince them with the now stale threat of the same piece of evidence. It is only likely to be successful once or twice as the threat becomes increasingly stale.

Whether successful or unsuccessful, it is likely that a character aware of you having dirt on them will begin taking precautions to avoid the evidence being used against them effectively. The longer they know you have information on them and the more resources they have at their disposal, the less credibility it will retain if you intend to use it and the more confident they will be in resisting your threats.

Alternately: attempting to sell the information off will generally net a slightly increased offer for it as you are considered a more credible source of information than others. It cannot be used as a threat after being sold off.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I find myself perpetually tired from my work.
2 I believe violence is a last resort, we should use words first.
3 I catalogue events I am involved in soon after their conclusion.
4 I feel like a drink after particularly taxing or tedious work.
5 I feel a need to stamp every document I own, whether official or otherwise.
6 I'm reluctantly adventuring. Talking to people and reviewing paperwork is more my speed.
7 I tend to correct people when it comes to mistakes regarding factual information.
8 "I am a cranberry, thank you very much." (Loopy but functional)
d6 Ideal
1 Voice. The job gives me a platform for issues I hold dear to be heard. (Neutral)
2 Status. I can use this position to further my standing above others, and use that power. (Evil)
3 Service. I provide a much needed service for those who can't represent themselves. (Good)
4 Wealth. I find that there is good money in this job. (Neutral)
5 Greed. I bend deals in favor of the middleman, Myself. (Evil)
6 Justice. I make it my goal to remain impartial as everyone deserves a fair-shake. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 A nobleman I was hired by.
2 A merchant who needed my help and owes me a favor.
3 My place of employment.
4 A family member.
5 My current companions.
6 A Lawful (Good, Evil or Neutral) deity.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm an alcoholic.
2 I have an obsession with death.
3 I feel a need to scrape extra profits off the top of any deal.
4 Too much excitement frightens/takes a toll on me.
5 I can't let go of anything. Holding a grudge is in my nature.
6 There is a paper-trail of something I've done. At least I'm sure there is.

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