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Prismatic Dragon[edit]

Of all the dragons that exist, prismatic are among the most legendary. Occasionally, even they partake of more intimate relationships with other races, occasionally leading to the most bizarre descendants. These beings are incredibly powerful and may prove arrogant and occasionally have multi-colored eyes or hair.

Prismatic Dragon Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st +2 on Diplomacy checks
2nd +2 on Diplomacy checks Alertness
3rd Strength +1
4th +2 on Diplomacy checks Alertness Resistance to light and blindness +5(Ex)
5th Prismatic Dragon Affinity +2
6th Strength +1 +1 natural armor
7th + 2 to Knowledge (all) checks
8th Alertness Resistance to light and blindness +5 (Ex) Resistance to light and blindness +10 (Ex)
9th Constitution +1
10th Prismatic Dragon Affinity +2 Rainbow Pattern/1 day (Sp)
11th Prismatic Dragon Affinity +4
12th Constitution +1 +1 natural armor +1 natural armor
13th +2 to Intimidate checks
14th +2 to Knowledge (all) checks Power Attack
15th Charisma +1
16th Alertness Resistance to light and blindness +10 Breath Weapon (Ex)*
17th Prismatic Dragon Affinity +6
18th Constitution +1 +1 natural armor
19th +2 to Spot checks
20th Prismatic Dragon Affinity +2 Rainbow Pattern (Sp) Immunity to light and blindness
  • A prismatic spray effect. Lower the die type for each die by one. Reflex half(DC 10+one-half hit die+Con modifier)

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