Primal Dispel (4e Power)

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Primal Dispel Champion of the Ferine Utility Feature
With a gesture of a hand ending with digits tightly pressed to palm and an invoking growl, magical afflictions are immediately shattered from your person, falling about you in harmless crystalline shards of expended magical energy that quickly evaporate.
Encounter Star.gif Primal, Divine
Minor Action Self
Effect: All negative magical effects that are afflicting you are immediately dispelled as if you had made a successful saving throw against them. Any further negative effects which may trigger upon a successful save (or removal of the affliction) cause no harm to you and are wholly nullified.
Special: While in Alternate Form you may attempt a new saving throw against any effect which is currently slowing, immobilizing or weakning you in addition to Primal Dispel's normal effects.

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