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You are renowned as one of the most annoying people anyone has had the misfortune of meeting. Your ability to pull pranks, on the unsuspecting, rivals the masters. You use your skills to infuriate your enemies and make your, few, friends laugh. Those of a chaotic nature tend to follow this path but rarely the evil, there is too much laughter in pranks and not enough blood.

Catch me if you can![edit]

Starting at level 3 you can jump just out of your enemies reach. Using your reaction you can move 5 feet into an unoccupied space when a creature uses an action to attack you. That creature has disadvantage to attack you for the rest of its turn. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.

I know a song that’ll get on your nerves...[edit]

Starting at level 3, when you take the dodge action on your turn, you can use you bonus action to use this ability, targeting one creature you can see and that can hear you within 60 ft. The effect of the ability varies depending on how many times it has been used consecutively, further effects from this ability replace previous ones if they are still in effect.

1 - No effect

2 - Target creature has disadvantage on it’s next attack roll

3 - Target creature has disadvantage on it next attack roll, saving throw, or ability check.

4 - Target has disadvantage to attack any creature other than you, until you use this ability on another creature, or attack a creature other than the target of this effect.

Stop copying me![edit]

Starting at level 9 you gain proficiency with the disguise kit and any proficiency bonus you get when using it is doubled. You can also unerringly mimic any creature you’ve heard for at least a minute since your last long rest. you can mimic languages you do not understand, as well as sounds that aren't a language, such as a wolfs howl, or bird call. You gain uses of this feature equal to half your charisma modifier rounded down. (at least 1)

I know you are but what am I?[edit]

Starting at level 13 whenever one creature targets you, and only you, with an effect that includes a saving throw, and you succeed, you can force the creature who targeted you to take the same saving throw. If that creature fails its saving throw, it becomes the target. You can use this effect a number of times equal to your intelligence modifier (at least 1) per long rest.

The ol’ switcheroo[edit]

Starting at level 17 during your turn, as an action, you can target a number of creatures, equal to your dexterity modifier, wielding weapons within 30 ft of you. Redistribute the weapons of those creatures among the targets however you like. Any creature that has its weapon switched has disadvantage to attack rolls on its next turn, and if it attacks with a weapon it is not proficient with calculates damage as if using an unarmed strike.

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