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The Varia Suit, as worn by Samus Aran

This mysterious, yellow suit of armor is renowned for its incredible defensive and offensive power. Mention its owner's name and even the bravest of warriors cringe. Owners are few and far between, but they are the stuff of legend. It is said that the armor and its original wearer came from a falling star, stranding the mysterious stranger in a plane of existence they had never walked before some hundreds of years before. Whatever its origin, whomever wields the might of the Power Suit becomes an invincible warrior capable of defeating even the most powerful of foes.

Base Power Suit[edit]

This artifact is actually mechanized armor, and is therefore immune to anti-magic of any kind. This +5 Full plate grants the wearer +6 to Str and Dex. It has the Fortification feature; all critical and sneak attack damage has a 50% miss chance. Furthermore, it has the Invulnerability feature, granting the wearer damage reduction of 5/magic. The armor does not impose a max dex, spell failure, or armor penalty. It does, however, restrict the user to only the use of their left hand, as their right is covered by a cannon.

The power suit is fully contained and hermetically sealed. It can continue to recycle oxygen indefinitely, acting as a bottle of air. The wearer becomes immune to vapors, inhaled poisons, airborne diseases, and contact poisons unless 10 points piercing or slashing damage is dealt.

The suit is homeostatic, effectively granting Endure Elements on the wearer.

When found it appears as a medallion Samus logo.gif of about 3 inches in diameter. When a creature is holding the medallion it may be activated at will. The medallion transforms into small orbs of light which circle around the user. The light forms the armor around the wearer. The power suit automatically adjusts itself to the wearer's size, however, the wearer must be humanoid. The armor can be deactivated and returned to its medallion form at will.

The power suit becomes almost as a second skin, thus monks and other classes who cannot wear heavy armor can wear it.

The power suit is mechanical, and non-magical. Thus, it will still function even in an antimagic field.


The power suit is modular, meaning that many items can be added on to the power suit, upgrading its abilities. The DM can choose to include these upgrades when it is found, or make finding them a part of the campaign. However, the suit typically includes 1d2+1 upgrades when it is found. Every upgrade has indefinite use. All upgrades are non-magical and become integrated into the suit.


Visors upgrade the helmet of the power suit. These upgrades can only be used if the helmet is attached to the power suit. Activating a visor is a standard action, as is switching it off.

Scan Visor With this upgrade, a character can use Identify as a full round action. In addition to items, this upgrade can tell the wearer the number of hit dice of a creature has as well as its ability scores. Scanning can be negated by a nondetection spell or similar effect.

X-ray Visor Functions as a ring of x-ray vision except with no constitution penalty.


Suits improve how the power suit reacts to different environments. They are permanent and are always active.

Varia Suit Grants the wearer fire resistance 5 and can stand comfortably in extreme heat such as that found in a volcano, however, touching magma and the like still deals damage.

Gravity Suit Grants the wearer freedom of movement with respects to aquatic movement. Without it, the power suit sinks and the wearer suffers a 60% movement speed reduction. In addition, the wearer cannot use any of the 'movement' upgrades in liquid of any kind without the gravity suit. The gravity suit will allow free movement in liquid of any kind, including magma and other viscous fluids. This function does not necessarily protect the wearer from these liquids' other harmful effects. The wearer can not use a swim check while wearing the power suit, instead treating the liquid as if it were air (with the exception of harmful properties, like acid, extreme heat, or reduced movement without the gravity suit).

Varia/Gravity When both the Varia and Gravity suits are worn together, the power suit gains certain special abilities. This includes protection against magma or lava equal to or less than 2500 degrees fahrenheit. In addition, the damage resistance of the power suit increases to 10/magic.


These upgrades effect the movement abilities of the power suit.

High Jump Boots Acts as an Improved Ring of Jumping

Screw Attack As a full round action, the wearer may jump into the air. If the wearer succeeds a tumble check DC 20 and travels at least 5 feet, then he somersaults in the air, becoming enveloped in green energy that looks like electricity. Contact with the power suit during this somersault is equivalent to a Disintegrate spell as cast by a level 15 wizard. Only one target can be hit by this attack. Should the wearer fail the tumble check, he falls prone as though he was tripped. The target must succeed a reflex save DC 10+1/2lvl+Dex for half damage or make contact with the suit. A successful reflex save results in no damage. The wearer lands one square beyond the target if it is disintegrated or makes a reflex save. If not, then he bounces off and lands one square in front of the target and provokes an attack of opportunity.

Shinespark As a full round action, the wearer may run in a similar manner as charging (ie the same movement restrictions for charging apply). After running for 30 feet, the power suit becomes enveloped in shimmering blue energy. The suit runs at 6 times the wearer's base speed. Contact with the power suit while enveloped is equivalent to a Disintegrate spell as cast by a level 15 wizard. Every 20 feet while 'sparking' the wearer takes 3d6 damage. The power suit can 'spark' indefinitely as long as the enemy it hits is disintegrated. If the target does not disintegrate, the shinespark attack ends. A reflex save DC 10+ 1/every 10 speed above 30.

Arm Cannon[edit]

The Arm cannon is a green barrel fitting over the forearm of the wearer's right hand. Capable of firing a variety of weapons, it requires a move action to switch between them. While wearing the power suit, that hand is incapable of holding items or performing manipulations. It can, however, be used to make unarmed attacks. All Arm cannon attacks below are ranged attacks. The arm cannon is considered magical for the purposes of breaching resistances. Firing the arm cannon provokes an attack of opportunity at melee ranges. The power beam comes standard, any additional beams or weaponry must be found as upgrades or expansions.

Power Beam This weapon fires force projectiles, each dealing 5d6 damage. The arm cannon has an unlimited charge of power beams. The wearer can fire 3 shots in one round as a standard action.

Wave Beam This weapon fire lightning projectiles, each dealing 8d6 damage. The arm cannon can fire 1d20 rounds a day at a rate of 1 shot/round. If hit the target must succeed a Fort save DC 10+BAB or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Ice Beam This weapon fire ice projectiles, each dealing 8d6 damage. The arm cannon can fire 1d20 rounds per day at a rate of 1 shot/round. If hit, the target must succeed a Fort save DC 10+BAB every round or be paralyzed until he succeeds.

Plasma This weapon fires plasma projectiles each dealing 12d6 fire damage. The arm cannon can fire 1d10 rounds per day at a rate of 1 shot/2 rounds. If hit, the target can catch on fire. See page 303 DMG.

Charge Beam This upgrade to the Arm cannon allows the wearer to fire improved versions of the original beams. The Suit can charge any beam an unlimited times per day. Charging and firing a beam is a full round action. If a target is hit, all relevant saves triple, and damage doubles. Charging provokes an attack of opportunity, but firing does not. If the wearer is hit, failing a concentration check (DC: damage) will cause the charge to fail.

Missile The standard missile is a ballistic weapon dealing 10d6 fire damage. Firing is a standard action and any creatures in a 5 foot radius takes 4d10 fire damage regardless of whether or not it misses the target. The power suit typically has a charge of 10 missiles/day (see missile expansion) As a full round action, the wearer can 'lock on' and fire a missile. A locked on missile results in a guaranteed hit (as magic missile).

Super Missile The super missile is a ballistic weapon dealing 15d12 fire damage. Firing is a standard action and any creatures in a 10 foot radius take 6d12 fire damage regardless of whether or not it misses the target. In addition, when the super missile is fired, every creature within 40 feet of the detonation must make a DC 20 Reflex saving throw or fall prone. The user of the power suit automatically succeeds this saving throw. If hanging on an object, a wall, or a ceiling, failing results in releasing the object or surface. Whether a creature saves or not their speed is halved and they have disadvantage on climbing walls for the next round. The power suit typically has a charge of 2 super missiles/day (see super missile expansion) As a full round action, the wearer can 'lock on' and fire a super missile. A locked on super missile results in a guaranteed hit (as magic missile).


The power suit is an electric device. If it takes more than 50 lightning damage at once then there is a 25% chance of the wearer being stunned for 1 round; a 50% chance that no extra effect happens; a 20% chance that the suit locks up for 1d6 rounds; and a 5% chance that the suit locks out the user (will save DC 40 negates). After 24 hours, a locked out user may attempt to reactivate it, as normal. When the suit is locked up, in addition to losing all bonuses it becomes a standard +5 Full Plate mail and loses all special abilities including the arm cannon. In addition, you incur a -2 penalty to your strength and dexterity scores as well as -10 to your movement speed(s) as long as you are still wearing the suit.

When first donning the power suit, the wearer must succeed a will save DC 25 or be locked out. When locked out the suit's security systems activate. Not only do all special abilities and the arm cannon deactivate but the wearer permanently loses 10,000 xp. The wearer takes 6d6 damage per round until he removes the armor, at which point the armor returns to its medallion form. After 24 hours have passed, a creature may attempt to activate the suit again.

The power suit takes up all item slots.

Although all parts of the power suit can be separated like normal plate mail. If a piece is removed, any abilities pertaining to that piece are lost and the suit is no longer considered fully contained. This causes the wearer to be vulnerable to contact poisons, airborne contagions, and drowning as usual.

The power suit has reduced movement in water or other fluids. The gravity suit negates this. To know more, look at the 'gravity suit' upgrade section.

The wearer must be humanoid, or the medallion does not activate.

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