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The Varia Suit, as worn by Samus Aran

This mystical orange suit of armor is renown for its incredible defensive and offensive power. Mention it's owner's name and even the bravest of warriors cringe. Owners are few and far between, but they are the stuff of legend. It's history is long and bloody. Those who know about it believe that it was divinely crafted. Others (who are correct) claim that it was constructed by an ancient race of bird people. Whatever its origin, who ever wields it has the power to change the world. But whoever wears the power suit becomes the arch nemesis of a Ancient ancient ancient Dragon, one from beyond the stars, His name is Ridley.

Base Power Suit[edit]

This artifact is actually mechanized armor. This +20 ghost touch Full plate grants the wearer +24 to Str, Con, and Dex. It has the Fortification feature; all critical and sneak attack damage has a 100% miss chance. Furthermore, it has the Invulnerability feature, granting the wearer damage reduction of 20/+4. Also as it has ghost touch, no incorporeal creature can get you. It turns your unarmed attacks into natural weapons dealing 2d12 bludgeoning damage (x4 17-20) for the free arm, the arm cannon does 4d12 (x4 17-19) and kicks do 4d12 (x4 19-20) also, due to the ghost touch property this works on Incorporeal creatures too, still the weapons that come with this are better. The armor does not impose a max dex, spell failure, or armor penalty and does not impede any special ability that only works without armor or with a certain type of armor. You gain sonic resistance 50 as the systems of this device can muffle sound very effectively when sound attacks are launched at you, and gives you a +50 bonus on search, spot, and listen checks as it magnifies the senses. It also completely negates fall damage and works as a improved ring of jumping but twenty times more powerful in respects to jumping and allows you jump four times as high as your normally allowed to. It also quadruples your base speed as your leg's become much stronger.

The power suit is fully contained and hermetically sealed. It can continue to recycle oxygen indefinitely, acting as a bottle of air. The wearer becomes immune to vapors, inhaled poisons, airborne diseases, and contact poisons unless 200 points piercing or slashing damage is dealt. It removes the need to eat or drink as the suit has a unlimited supply of nutrient feed, and the need to remove bodily wastes, it simply converts them into an odorless, colorless gas. It even removes the need to sweat and shiver as it cools and warms the body when needed. And It removes the need to sleep and as long as it is worn, the wearer never feels fatigue or exhaustion.

The suit is homeostatic, effectively granting Endure Elements on the wearer.

When found it appears as a medallion Samus logo.gif of about one foot in diameter. When one holds it, one simply has to will it to activate. The medallion transforms into small orbs of light which circle around the user. The lights forms the armor around the wearer. The power suit automatically adjusts itself to the wearer's size, however, the wearer must be a humanoid, a monstrous humanoid, a giant, or any other creature as long as it's somewhat human in shape (if the creature's shape is close enough to humanoid in shape they can use this, for example a pit fiend could use this while a Aboleth would not be able to). The armor can be deactivated and it returns to its medallion form by will.

The power suit becomes almost as a second skin, thus monks and other classes who cannot wear heavy armor can wear it.

The power suit is mechanical, and non-magical.

It is made of a legendary substance called Chozo Iron, which has a hardness of 200 and a hp per inch of thickness of 4000 and is immune to rusting, disintegration, metal to (insert substance here), or any similar effect, also other suits add strength to the material, which will be listed in the suit upgrade section.

This suit gives you 100 bonus HP if it has no extra energy tanks, an energy tank gives 100 more hp. The power suit can have an unlimited amount of Energy tanks. Normally it has 40 energy tanks when found. Thus giving you 4100 hp. It also normally has 14 reserve tanks, A reserve tank is a back up supply of HP that kicks in when you have less than 1 HP, or you can set it to supply you that energy manually, doing so at your command. The power suit can hold a unlimited number of that as well, Typically when found the Power suit has the wave, plasma, ice, power, Spazer, wide, and charge beams for energy weapons, the base and varia suit. The grapple swing, The morph ball, the morph ball bomb, 100 power bombs, 100 super missiles, 310 missiles, High Jump boots, Boost ball, Space jump boots, Jump boots, The Normal, Scan, Thermal, And X-Ray visor, 40 energy tanks, 14 reserve, The X-Ray scope, the spider ball, The Speed booster, And the seeker missile, but it could have more or less items.


The power suit is modular, meaning that many items can be added on to the power suit, upgrading its abilities. The DM can choose to include these upgrades when it is found, or make finding them a part of the campaign. Every upgrade has indefinite use. All upgrades are non-magical and become integrated into the suit.


lights make you look rad and tight.

LED-Lights Inserting LED-Lights all over the suit grants a light spell to take affect at night. They also have a 50% chance stun chance.

Lasers 1-1000 damage depending on how cool you are.

decoration lights +9 CHA, your enimies get +9 against your attempts to scare them.

mickey mouse ears (not shown) Grants death aura of 100 feet.


Visors upgrade the helmet of the power suit. These upgrades can only be used if the helmet is attached to the power suit. Activating a visor is a free, as is switching it off.

Scan Visor With this upgrade, a character can use Identify as a full round action. In addition to items, this upgrade can tell the wearer the number of hit dice of a creature or character as well as its ability scores. Scanning can be negated by a will save (DC 30+wis) If you are using another visor (X-ray, Thermal, Echo, Dark or similar) you can use this in conjunction with said visor allowing you to scan things invisible to the naked eye..

X-ray Visor Functions exactly as a ring of x-ray vision except it penetrates ten times as far and range is as far as the user can see and has the added bonus of giving the true seeing effect but it also stretches to cotermonious planes and cosmologies.

Thermal Visor Works like the D20 modern infrared goggles and gives the see invisibility effect but stretches out to cotermonious planes and cosmologies as well.

Echo Visor You can see sound, works like blindsight but the range is equal to as far as you can see and also any noise made appears as a ping, much like a ripple in water, and you can easily trace it to the source, the louder the noise, the stronger the ripple, also this gives the effect of true seeing as it can detect sound on any coexistent or cotermonious planes and cosmologies (so on my campaign setting (just like the normal one with several additions) in the material plane you would be able to see sound made on the Plane of shadow, the ethereal plane and the Astral plane, the far realm*, pandorym's realm**, any alternate cosmology linked by the shadow plane*, the dream realm*, the spirit realm*, faire plane, Dark cosmology***, and the plane of mirrors*)

  • =plane/concept introduced in the manual of the planes.
    • =plane introduced in the elder evils book.
      • =one of my custom Cosmologies.

Dark Visor True seeing, you can see things in the dark cosmology even as well as cotermonious planes and cosmologies! Also all enemies are highlighted in red, which gives you a +8 bonus on attack rolls and search and spot checks due to ease of targeting. This basically is equal to true sight. This allows you to see throw an infinite number of walls out to the limit of your eyesight.

Command Visor This allows you to command any magical or non magical device from afar, for example if you had a ship, you need not steer the ship manually you only need to give it the command through this, you can give it any command that it is capable of, no matter how much it pushes said object to the limit, and it also let's you command Constructs belonging to you, like the scan visor this can be put in conjunction with other visors.

Hacking Visor This is a upgrade to the Command visor that allows you to permanently or temporarily (your choice) take a device or construct from someone else's control, they may make a saves if the object could normally make saves against spells that negatively affect it, as this is non magical, spell immunity is moot. (The Dc against this = 30 + your hd + your caster level/effective caster level/manifester level + your charisma bonus).


Suits improve how the power suit reacts to different environments. They are permanent and are always active. And they all stack. And any bonus in suit hardness and hp per inch stacks as well. The Bonuses are assuming you have collected the other Armor upgrades. Varia Suit Grants the wearer +20 fire resistance and can stand comfortably in extreme heat such as that found in a volcano, however, touching magma and the likes still deals damage. This renders acid harmless, except the extreme types found on Urtragaria *the space pirate homeworld* This improves the damage reduction to 26/+6 the armor bonus to +26 and the STR DEX and CON bonus to 30. (I will get the guy who changed this back!) The Chozo iron is now twice as strong as before and cannot be melted.

Gravity Suit Grants the wearer freedom of movement with respects to aquatic movement and negates fire. With out it, the power suit sinks normally and the wearer sufferes a 60% movement speed reduction. The wearer can not use a swim check while wearing the power or gravity suit. this improves the DR to 30/+10, the armor bonus becomes +30, the STR, dex, and CON bonus rise to 36. Also Magma and the likes do nothing to you. The Chozo iron of the suit is twice as strong again.

Phazon Suit This renders most radioactive materials harmless, and it does the same for the very radioactive material called phazon, which made the Metroid prime and Emperor ing what they are now, giant vicious monsters, Without it Blue phazon does 20d6 damage a round and Orange Phazon deals 40d6 damage a round, Now Blue phazon is nullified, And Orange phazon is half as deadly to you. You can also utilize liquid phazon into one very powerful beam. The Armor bonus is now +36 and the DR is 36/+16 and the STR DEX and COn bonus becomes 42. The Chozo Iron is twice as strong again, is merged with phaazite which is as strong as chozo iron *double hp per inch and hardness* and cannot be penetrated by Radiation, *X-ray vision is no longer effective*

Dark Suit This and the Light suit was created by the Hyper intelligent Moth people known as the luminoth rather than the Hyper intelligent bird people called the Chozo that invented the above suits, This cuts the Dark worlds' damage into 1/5 of what it normally is, so instead of taking 30 damage a round from the air, and taking 300 damage a round from the water, it becomes 6 damage a round from the air and 60 damage a round from the water. (You still shouldn't swim in dark water) Bonuses are 42 for armor, 42/+22 for DR, +48 for STR dex and CON. The Chozo Iron is twice as strong again and is Merged with Luminoth Iron which is as powerful *double hardness and hp per inch* and is impervious to negative energies negative effects, Light and dark energy damage is cut into 1/5 (round down).

Light suit This suit completely negates the environmental hazards of the dark worlds; now, the water and air do nothing to you. You can also ride on beams of light *Treat it as a greater teleport to wherever the light leads* Bonuses are 48 for armor, 48/+28 for DR, +54 for STR Dex and CON. The Chozo Luminoth iron is twice as strong again and is impervious to positive energy overload and Light as well as Dark energy attacks are useless against the suit and it's wearer.

PED suit With this you can enter hyper mode at will, a state which gives you a +100 bonus to STR dex and con, to enter it you sacrifice 100 hp, which the suit converts to PP *Phazon points* this state lasts for 6 rounds, now orange phazon is harmless too, also you can use hyper weapons, Your bonuses are 54 for armor, 54/+34 for DR, +60 for str, dex, con. The Chozo Luminoth Iron is twice as strong again and is merged with GF alloy which is as strong as chozo iron *double hardness and hp per inch* Radiation now heals you at the same rate as it would normally damage you.

Hazard suit This suit negates all enviromental hazards completely, even Urtagaria's uber acid rain. without this Urtragaria's acid rain would deal 1000 damage a round to you and it bypasses acid immunity. Now your bonuses are +60 for armor, 60/+40 for DR, +66 for STR, dex, and CON. Now the armor is twice as strong again and is merged with Space Pirate Alloy which is as strong *Double hardness and hp per inch stacks with all bonuses*


These upgrades effect the movement abilities of the power suit.

High Jump Boots Acts as an Improved Ring of Jumping Except twenty times as powerful and allows you to attempt a jump four as high as you normally allowed. And as the suit allows you to attempt checks four as high as normal and also gives a bonus of that of a improved ring of jumping x20, this stacks with it too, so now you can attempt checks of 256 feet up.

Jump Boots Basically the high jump boots but also if you are falling you can jump a second time in mid air *though the power suit negates fall damage*

Space Jump boots Not to be confused with the Space jump, this allows you to jump twice (one normal one in mid air), or if you are falling down, Thrice. and they also work as the high jump boots, so if you have all three of these you take checks to jump 48 times higher than normal, and of course they all stack

Screw Attack As a full round action, the wearer may jump into the air. If the he succeeds a tumble check DC 10 and travels at least 5 feet, then he somersaults in the air, becoming enveloped in orange energy. Contact with the powersuit during this somersault is equivalent to a Empowered and Maximized Disintegrate spell as cast by a level 60 (if the damage could still increase* wizard. Only one target can be hit by this attack. Should the wearer fail the tumble check, he falls prone as though he was tripped. The target must succeed a reflex save DC 10+1/2lvl+Dex for half damage or make contact with the suit. A successful reflex save results in no damage. The wearer lands one square beyond the target if it is disintegrated or makes a reflex save. If not, then he bounces off and lands one square in front of the target and provokes an attack of opportunity.

Speed Booster As a full round action, the wearer may run in a similar manner as charging (ie the same movement restrictions for charging apply). After running for 15 feet, the power suit becomes enveloped in shimmering blue energy. The suit runs at 240 times the wearer's base speed. Contact with the power suit while enveloped is equivalent to a Empowered, and Maximized Disintegrate spell as cast by a level 60 wizard (if the damage could increase past caster level 20). . The power suit can 'boost' indefinitely as long as the enemy it hits is disintegrated. If the target does not disintegrate, the shinespark attack ends. A reflex save DC 10+ 1/every 10 speed above 30. After 30 feet you can store the shimmering energy and release it in two ways, one is the Ultrajump which allows you to jump infinitely high *you can control it as if you were a flying creature that had average maneuverability and could only go up and any direction to the sides* until you hit something that doesn't disintegrate from the energy that sheathes you *it's the same energy as normal and you go at the same speed as the normal speed booster*, The other is the Shoulder ram, or shinespark, This allows you to go a infinite distance horizontally until you hit an object unable to be disintegrated and you can control it as if you had average maneuverability and could only go forwards, up, down, and to the sides *you yourself don't turn when changing direction, you will yourself to move in any of the possible directions and it takes you there to the best of it's ability* Or, if you want, you can just make the largest flipping jump in history *the max is 1 mile high and this cuts the DC down for a jump that big to 20 and you still have the speed booster's energy field until you land, if you have the screw attack then combine their fields, the Effect is that of a level 60 wizard casting And empowered and maximized disintegrate, if the damage could keep on going up and up and if you have space jump than each jump you take with it is affected by the speed booster so you take large numbers of 1 mile jumps*

Space Jump This allows you to jump an infinite number of times (in mid air), basically allowing you to fly, when combined with the screw attack you become a whirling buzzsaw of doom and every dragon's worst nightmare. And also you succeed all Jump checks and any check to do something in the air. You can also fight in mid air.

Morph Ball Allows you to roll into a Diminutive metal orb about 1 foot tall and about at wide. You can go twice as fast in this mode as you could in your bipedal form. You can't use the Arm cannon, any special visor, or anything that does not specifically say it's fore the morph ball. However you are immune to trip attempts, and grapple attempts take a -50 penalty on you thanks your smoothness. Your body itself becomes a sphere of energy, this causes no pain and there is no risk of getting hurt.

Morph Ball Bomb Allows you to drop a bomb in morph ball mode *duh* that does 4d10 force damage to anything in ten feet it was laid in but you, instead of harming you it propels your morph ball 20 feet into the air in any direction you choose.

Morph Ball Power Bomb This allows you to drop a special type of bomb in morph ball mode *again DUH!*. It's like the Normal bomb but 20 times as powerful and effects everything withing a 400 feet radius, this instantly destroys the material bendezium *100 hardness 2000 hp per inch* regardless of thickness as far as the explosion reaches. And it has a %50 chance of hitting twice, a %25 chance of hitting thrice, A %13 chance of hitting four times, a %6 chance of hitting 5 times, a %3 chance of hitting 6 times, a %2 chance of hitting seven times, and a %1 chance of hitting eight times

Hyper Ball When it hyper mode and in morph ball you can use this devastating weapon, it fires w00 constant bolts of phazon charged electricity that arc out to fifteen feet, any enemy in range is zapped with 40d12 electricity damage and 40d12 Phazon damage per bolt. It can effect things on the ethereal plane or the coexistant dark multiverse.

Spring Ball Allows you to take jump checks in Morph ball mode. The Space jump does not allow you to jump infinitely but does allow you to succeed on any check. The High Jump boots allow you to take jump checks that are four as high as normal, the power suit's effects on jumping are already put in.

Boost ball Allows you to store kinetic energy and release it for a sudden burst of speed and it coats you in a field of energy. If you charge for a free action your morph ball speed is merely quadrupled and you do 2d12 damage only, if you charge it for a move action then your Morph ball speed is octupled and the damage is 4d12 , if you charge it for a standard action your speed is multiplied by 16 and the damage is 8d12, if you charge it for a full round action then your speed is multiplied by 32 and the damage is 16d12, and so on so on *the next level after a full round is A full round and one free action* The boost last as long as the distance you will reach in a move action's worth of time (IE: for example say that you held it for a full round, and that your original speed was 30 feet, your speed would be 1920 feet remember the speed bonus stacks and deals 16d12 damage to any poor sap or object that gets in the object, if you deal 18 or more damage you do not stop when you hit a person, you automatically trip them, if you kill or destroy what got in your way you continue unimpeded)

Spider ball This gives you a climb speed equal to the morph ball's speed. You can use anything you could normally use in morph ball mode with one difference, the boost ball propels off whatever your on as far as the charge you held would normally let you. Also it makes you automatically succeed any climb check in morph ball mode, and if the Object is magnetic than both the adhesive polymers and the magnetic field abilities of the Spider ball combine, Allowing you to go twice as fast *double your climb speed on magnetic objects* you can also climb Creatures 1 or more sizes larger than your morph ball form *it's diminutive*

X-Ray Scope The name of this is a misdemeanor; in reality, it has nothing to do with the X-ray visor or X-ray radiation. Rather, it shows you what weapon is best suited to destroy the material you are looking at, if it's really there or not, and if that seemingly empty space is truly empty or not. The field of vision is a cone coming out of a visor that goes as far as you can see, using it is a free action.

Grapple beam The grapple beam is actually a collection of several objects that utilize the same technology, The Grapple lasso part allows you to do grapple, trip, or disarm attempts from up to 100 feet away and you get a +50 bonus while doing so and you cannot be grappled, tripped, or disarmed back as it cannot be grabbed by anything thanks to it's energy composure, The Grapple swing part allows you to use the grapple beam much like Tarzan would use a vine or Indiana Jones using his whip to get across a gap or chasm or to go faster, this pretty much let's you swing on anything Above you, This exerts no pressure on what your using to hold your swinging tool, so you don't have to worry about it falling apart on you. This alone has a range of 100 feet, but if you have the grapple lasso part then their ranges combine to 200 feet. This also allows you to use grapple beam zip lines. The last part is the Grapple Voltage which can send or take energy depending on your command, When you take, they lose 20 hp per round and you gain 200 *if it was temporary hit points they become permanent hit points when they come to you* Any extra energy fills your reserve tanks, If you send energy you lose 5 hp per round and they take 200 damage per round *The grapple voltage allows you to handle such a massive amount of energy, they don't have it so they get hurt* It matters not if they are constructs, undead, elementals, or living, or plants, or objects *you take the object's kinetic energy and the rest* it does the same effect with the same results this alone has a range of 100 feet combined their range is 300 feet. There is one grapple beam in your arm cannon and one on your free hand, it takes no space on your free hand but does coat it in a cool looking metal plating *It covers not replaces the metal there so it's extra tough so punching with either the arm cannon or arm increases 4d12 damage per hit for the free hand and 8d12 for the arm cannon, the kicks are similarly enhanced for the extra energy the suit now has and this doubles for every grapple upgrade you gain*

Hyper grapple beam It does everything the Grapple beam does, times ten, it can only be used in hyper mode, the bonus for grappling, tripping, and disarming rises to 500, the range is 3,000 feet, Rather than sending or taking HP it sends or takes HP, It sends 10 pp Per round used, each PP deals 20,000 HP worth of damage, Taking energy takes 10 pp (or twenty thousand HP) from them and gives 20,000 hp (or 10 pp) to you.

Arm Cannon[edit]

The Arm cannon is a green barrel fitting over the forearm of the wearer's on hand. Able of firing a variety of weapons, it requires a free action to switch between them. While wearing it, that hand can not hold any items. All Arm cannon attacks below are ranged attacks. The arm cannon is a technological weapon. Firing the arm cannon provokes an attack of opportunity at melee ranges. Beams can combine or be used separately, if combined their damage and special affects stack, and they take the highest rate of fire.

Power Beam This weapon fires force projectiles, each dealing 8d6 force damage. The arm cannon has an unlimited charge of power beams. The wearer can fire 12 shots in one round as a standard action.

Wave Beam This weapon fire lightning projectiles, each dealing 16d6 electrical damage. The arm cannon can fire at a rate of 6 shot/round. If hit the target must succeed a Fort save DC 40+BAB or be stunned for 4d4 rounds. Your shots also now pass through walls

Ice Beam This weapon fire ice projectiles, each dealing 24d6 cold damage. The arm cannon can fire at a rate of 2 shot/1 round. If hit, the target must succeed a Fort save DC 20+BAB every round or be paralyzed until he succeeds. You can stand on frozen enemies

Plasma This weapon fires plasma projectiles each dealing 32d6 fire damage. The arm cannon can fire at a rate of 6 shot/1 rounds. If hit, the target can catch on fire. See page 303 DMG. Also now your beam's can penetrate enemies.

Dark Beam With this your beam fires dark matter and does 12d6 dark energy damage to dark enemies and 48d6 to light enemies. When charged it freezes enemies like the ice beam.

Light beam With this your beam fires light energy does 6d6 light energy damage to light enemies and 48d6 to dark enemies. When charged it fires a homing shot gun burst which lights anything hit on fire.

Annihilator Beam With this you fire a combination of dark matter, light energy, and sonic energy all shots are a guaranteed hit and this beam does 36d6 force, light, dark, and sonic *It counts as all for ignoring resistances* damage to all targets. When charged it harms everything within a 15 foot radius and anything hit is stunned for 4d4 rounds.

Nova Beam With this your beam fires green high frequency energy, penetrates walls and does 28d6 force damage.

Spazer beam This fires 3 green lines out of your arm cannon each of which is as powerful as a power beam shot, you can choose how far apart each beam is and at what angle they will assume *Will the be lined up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and how much so?* so it triples your fire power. This deals force damage

Wide beam Functions just like the spazer, so when it too is present in your beam combo, well, let's just say no one is escaping you. The difference is mainly cosmetic, it on it's own fires 3 pink rings *Flying bling!* rather than 3 Green lines. This deals force damage

Pirate Hyper Beam This is one motherf***ing powerful weapon, this deals 4000 damage and penetrates walls, enemies, everything, it ignores all immunities, resistances, anything, it can be fired at a rate of 6 shots/1 round. When the powersuit wielder gains this weapon, even the mightiest of god's tremble in fear. Don't even ask when it's charged and stacked with all the other beams.

Phazon beam This beam fires 250 streams of phazon per round, each stream dealing 8 phazon damage which hit's anything, so thats 2000 damage, unblockable damage, this also makes everyone duck in fear.

PED Hyper beam The power beam, on steroids, on phazon. A normal shot does 250 damage *unblockable*, a charged shot unleashes 250 normal shots, which equals, oh yes, that dragon is dead in ten seconds or less.

Charge Beam This upgrade to the Arm cannon allows the wearer to fire improved versions of the original beams. The Suit can charge any beam an unlimited times per day. Charging and firing a beam is a full round action. If a target is hit, all relevant saves multiply by twelve, and damage octuples. Charging provokes an attack of opportunity, but firing does not. If the wearer is hit, failing a concentration check DC 10+damage will cause the charge to fail.

Charge missile Works like the charge beam but is for missiles, this uses up 2 missiles/super missiles.

Missile This is a ballistics weapon dealing 24d6 damage. Firing is a standard action everyone in a 10 foot radius takes 4d20 splash damage regardless if it misses the target. The power suit has a charge of 255 missiles/day (see missile expansion As a full round action, the wearer can 'lock on' and fire a missile. A locked on missile results in a guaranteed hit (as magic missile).

Super Missile This is a very very powerful weapon. It is five times more powerful than a normal missile. So it deals 120d6 damage and everything within a fifty foot radius takes 20d20 splash damage. *watch out great wyrm dragons everywhere* The power suit has a charge of 50 missiles/day. A super missile expansion grants 5 more super missiles. It can also lock on like the normal missile. Another type triples the power of all missiles and counts as a super and normal missile expansion.

Hyper Missile You thought super missiles were scary? Try this missile, it's 20 times stronger than the normal missile if your using that as your base, if your using A augmented super missile, then well, it's 300 times stronger than a normal missile *You can TKO Tiamat with ease now* counts as a super and normal missile expansion.

Ice missile This works like the ice beam but in missile form, counts as a super and normal missile expansion, this stacks with other missiles.

Seeker Missile Allows you to fire up to ten missiles at once, either at multiple target, or one poor sap *If your using augmented super missiles in hypermode or just augmented super hyper missile for short then you my friend are one evil evil guy* this counts as a super and hyper missile expansion.

Charge Combo This combines your beam weapon with missiles/super missiles or the power bomb. Only these beams can be combined with missiles/super missiles, The Ice beam, The Power beam, the Plasma beam, the Wave beam, The Annihilator beam, the Light beam, and the dark beam, and only these weapons can be combined with Power bombs, the spazer beam, the plasma beam, the wave beam, and the ice beam. When combining you must only equip that beam for missile combos or that beam and the power beam for power bomb combos. The combos are below.

Super Missile Combo This fires a missile that is ten times stronger than your base missile. This is the Power beam missile/super missile combo. This uses 5 missiles. this is a guaranteed hit if locked on.

Wave Buster This fires a constant stream of electrical energy, this deals 80d12 electrical damage per round attached to the foe or five times that if it's a seeker missile (Any missile upgrade changes the combo like it changes a normal missile, for example if you have the ice missile then this beam will also freeze things) , this weapon is a guaranteed hit regardless if locked on or not. This uses ten missiles to start and 5 missiles every round after that. This is the Wave beam missile/super missile combo

Ice spreader The Ice beam missile/super missile combo. This effects everything within 100 feet of the explosion (except you and your allies) as if they were hit by a ice beam and deals 80d12 cold damage, if the ice missile is equipped then the DC to break free of the ice doubles, and if either type of super missile is equipped then the damage and radius is quintupled or tripled depending on which super missile. this uses 10 missiles/super missiles.

Flamethrower The Plasma beam missile/super missile combo. This fires a stream like the wave buster and uses the same amount of missiles, but doesn't home in. You can sweep it on multiple targets *up to six per round and changing targets is a free action* and when hit the target catches on fire and is dealt 120d12 fire damage, and for every round kept on target this deals a additional 60d12 damage. This can be surprisingly combined with the ice missile. you know the drill for super missiles.

Dark Burst The dark beam missile/super missile combo. This deals 200d12 dark damage (to light enemies, 100d12 to dark ones) to everything within 50 feet (other than you or your allies) and anything killed is sucked in the black hole and is gone forever. This uses 5 missiles. When combined with the ice missile, anything that doesn't die is frozen. when combined with super missiles, the radius & damage is quintupled and/or tripled.

Sun Burst Not to be confused with the spell. This fires a 20 foot burst of light energy. Anything (other than you and your friends) within 50 feet takes 200d12 light damage to dark enemies and 100d12 to light enemies, anything hit is set on fire. This uses 5 missiles, and you get the picture when used with other missiles.

Sonic boom This fires a burst of dark, light, and sonic energy that deals 300d12 light, dark, and sonic energy to everything in 200 feet. Because this moves so fast, it is a guaranteed hit. you get the picture with other missiles, this uses 5 missiles.

Ice shield The Ice beam power bomb combo. This covers the user with 8 orbs of ice energy. Each one deals 360 damage, if anything is within the targets natural reach they are hit with all four at once. Also anything hit is frozen. They remain for 12 rounds. This uses one power bomb.

Wave Tornado The Wave beam power bomb combo. This unleashes 8 orbs of Electrical energy. each one deals 720 damage and stuns the target as if hit by the wave beam. They remain for 12 rounds. But every round they remain they go farther and farther, the go 10 feet every round.

Spazer Rain The Spazer beam power bomb combo. This fires 4 spazer blasts each of these trios deal 720 damage. They go up and down in a 50 foot radius and are not impeded by walls. They remain for 6 rounds until they fly away.

Plasma crash The Plasma beam power bomb combo. This fires four orbs of fire energy. They work like the Ice shield but light enemies on fire and each one does 960 fire damage. then they fly 500 feet up and come crashing down to earth.

None of the power bomb combos are impeded by any obstacle and they damage any non friendly thing they touch.

Note when beams are stacked their damage type combines, rather than cutting the damage into mere fractions the damage type is merged, thus they deal all the damage types at once, it basically counts as all their separate damage types for the purpose of bypassing immunities, also their special properties merge, even if they contradict *therefore the plasma/light beam and ice/dark beam can freeze and burn* And if the shot is a guaranteed hit and passes through walls and enemies it hits all enemies in the room once. Or if your feeling evil and have your DM's permission you can make it keep on returning to the enemies thus attacking them until they die, and when they pass through objects, the object is damaged as if it were hit but the beam continues.


The power suit is an electric device. If it takes more than 120(?)lightning damage at once then there is a 6% chance of the wearer being stunned for 1 round; a 88% chance that no extra effect happens; a 5% chance that the suit locks up for 1d6 rounds; and a 1% chance that the suit permanently locks out the user (will save DC 20 negates). When the suit is locked up, in addition to losing all bonuses it becomes a standard +10/12/15/18/21/24/27/30 Full Plate mail and looses all special abilities including the arm cannon, with a -2 str, -2 dex , -10 movement.

When first donning the power suit, the wearer must succeed a will save DC 15, and a fort. save DC 15 or be permanently locked out. When locked out the suit's security systems activate. Not only do all special abilities and the arm cannon deactivate, but the wearer looses all bonuses, - str, -6 dex, -25 movement, and permanently lose -6 wis, -6 int and 10,000 xp. The wearer takes 6d6 damage per round until he removes the armor, at which point the armor returns to its medallion form.

The power suit takes up all items slots. (ie: That amulet of health is just bling now unless you have this epic feat)

Although all parts of the power suit can be separated like normal plate mail, once a piece becomes separated, it looses all special abilities, regaining them once reattached.

The wearer must be humanoid, or the medallion does not activate.

To wear the power suit is to become the arch enemy of Ridley, the Space dragon, Nothing, not even death can stop him. For when he dies he simply returns 1d4 weeks later. If he is seriously injured he simply comes back 1d4 days later. He does not stop until he kills the wearer, or the wearer dies of other reasons. Why he does this is unknown but probably because the Animosity he had with the current wielder, a girl he orphaned, by incinerating her mother with a blast of fire meant for her, and her father fired his weapon on a very very very explosive mineral Ridley and his forces were after, thus destroying his flag ship. The girl was rescued by the Creators of the suit, The chozo, they raised her, and when she came of age, they gave her a power suit the last one they had created in centuries. She then proceeded to make ridley go boom.

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