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prototype gl-32-1L is a very rare and powerfull power armor and there are only so many of them usually 1 to 10 of them exist at the dm's discretion because the were really expensive and made to order the armor can usually can only be found when the party explores old tech ruins like factory's and warehouses basically and anywhere were it was hazardous for humans hence they were used for heavy lifting and maintenance and you must have at least 10 str to use it and it boosts you con to 17 your str to 25 and ac 21 dex -7 or +3 when on +5 to intimidate -1 to 10 depending on type of armor for stealth and anyone within 3 ft of you are alerted to your presence automatically because of the pistons in the suit and power cells are fuel there are different cells to use and the 10 str is to move wile the armor is off takes one rnd to turn on or automatically if not in combat it has an hp of 500 or 200 when off all credit go's to the makers of fallout for the idea

there are three different types of cells basic/advanced/special

basic can run it for 4 years without charging

advanced can run it for 20 years without charging

special can theoretically run it idefinetly

armor variants



gravity gun gauntlet 2d8+1 [force] loader/miner/unknown [note] acts like telepathy to lift objects/people and throw them

gauntlet gun 1d12-1[piercing] basic/combat/unknown

energy blade 1d12+1 [force]/[slashing]/ [magical] basic/unknown/advanced

drill 1d20+2 [piercing]/[bludgeoning] miner/

Gatling gun arm 2d12+3 [piercing] advanced/combat/unknown

rail gun 2d20+1 [piercing] advanced/unknown

shocking gauntlet 4d12 [shocking] advanced/unknown

the weapons are to be used at the dm's discretion more coming soon

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