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Powdered Pearl[edit]

Powdered Pearl is created by crushing pearls into a powder. Irregular freshwater pearls are generally used to make the pearl powder due to the low cost of obtaining them and relative availability (compared to jewelery-quality pearls). Powdered pearl can be very poisonous if not prepared properly - the pearl must be powdered evenly and dissolved completely to be absorbed. The powder is generally used to treat nervous ailments and as a beauty aid.

Powdered pearl can be created with an appropriate number of pearls (usually 8 to 10) and a successful Craft (Alchemy) check (DC 10).

Using a vial of Powdered Pearl grants a +1 alchemical bonus to Heal checks to temporarily relieve nervous system ailments (including twitchiness, diarrhea, convulsions, etc). Relief lasts for 24 hours.

A vial (containing about a handful) of Powdered Pearl costs around 100gp.

Wikipedia: Pearl Powder

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