Poliblooded (spell less) Bloodrager (Pathfinder Archetype)

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Poliblooded (spell less) Bloodrager (Bloodrager Archetype)[edit]

Alignment: Any.

Drawbacks and restrictions.: The Poliblooded cannot multiclass nor take any other Bloodrager archetype. He gains a -1 malus to Will Saves that increases to -2 when in Blood Frenzy. Poliblooded Bloodragers are not proficient with shields.

Bloodline Sense: A Poliblooded Bloodrager may use his Charisma modifier instead of Dexterity modifier for his AC, CMD and for all acrobatic checks. Finally he adds half his charisma modifier to initiative (minimum 1). He loses this ability when wearing heavy armors or carrying a medium or heavy load. This ability replaces Blood Sanctuary and Uncanny Dodge. A Poliblooded Bloodrager gains Uncanny Dodge at lvl 5 and never gains Improved Uncanny Dodge.

Bloodline Burden: A Poliblooded must choose three oracle curses at 1st level. Two of these curses (Poliblooded's choice) never changes its abilities as the Poliblooded gains levels; the other curse progresses at a rate of 1+ half his Poliblooded Level.

Blood Frenzy: When a Poliblooded bloodrager rages, he does not gain the normal benefits. Instead, he can apply a +4 morale bonus to his Strength. This bonus increases to +6 when he gains greater bloodrage and to +8 when he gains mighty bloodrage. When using a Blood Frenzy, a Poliblooded Bloodrager gains no bonus on Will saves (he instead gains a malus, see drawbacks), takes no penalties to AC, and can still use Charisma-, Dexterity-, and Intelligence-based skills. A Blood Frenzy still counts as a bloodrage for the purposes of any spells, feats, and other effects.

Blood Manifestations: At first level a Poliblooded Bloodrager must choose a Primary Bloodline and two Secondary Bloodlines. He can choose a bonus bloodline feat only from his Primary Bloodline, moreover he never gains a Bloodline Feat at 12th , 15th and 19th level.

Poliblooded Progression: A Poliblooded never learns the ability to cast spells, instead he uses the power deriving from his complex blood in order to become a powerful and versatile first line combatant. His primary Bloodline progresses normally.

At 4th level he either chooses a Familiar or a 1st level bloodline power from either one of his secondary bloodlines.

At 7th level he can choose to learn an additional 4th level bloodline power from either one of his secondary bloodlines.

At 10th level he can choose to learn either another 4th level or an 8th level bloodline power from his secondary bloodlines.

At 13th level he gains all bloodline powers (until level 8) granted by his secondary bloodlines.

At 16th level he gains a single 12th level bloodline power from either one of his secondary bloodlines.

This ability replaces spellcasting and the ability to apply spells on himself when entering a greater bloodrage

Relieving the Burden: At 4th level, although whilst still retaining his malus to Will saves, the Poliblooded gains the benefits of Steadfast Personality and doesn't need to add his Wisdom modifier to will saves if negative.

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