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Hello there! Welcome to the world of POKEMON! This world is inhabited by creatures called POKEMON! For some people, POKEMON are pets. Others use them for fights. Yet others study POKEMON as a profession. Your very own POKEMON legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with POKEMON awaits! Let's go!

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Creating a Character
An overview on how classes, races, and background fit into the Pokémon world.
Feats available to players within this setting.
While not extremely important, equipment can be helpful to many trainers.

World of Pokémon

The universe of Pokémon is as detailed as the Pokémon within it, so much so that summarizing it on this wiki would be difficult at best. For more lore-based information on the Pokémon universe, see Pokémon's dedicated wiki.

What is Pokémon without its titular Pokémon?

Dungeon Master's Guide

Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in the Pokémon world.

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