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Darts are lowkey the most powerful weapon in 5e and y'all sleepin' on 'em. Grungs are the greatest playable race in this game and not enough of you are showing them their proper respect. I'm here to address both of these problems.

Character Building[edit]

Race: Grung. Cant have a "poison dart frog" build without the poisonous frog now can we? Main feature we're gonna be focusing on here is the DC 12 Con Save that a creature must make every time we hit them with a dart, (or other piercing weapon), else they take an extra 2d4 damage. We seek to trigger this as much as possible. You also have a climb speed equal to your walking speed, and get free proficiency in Perception, which is nice. Only major downside with Grungs, is that you need to immerse yourself in water for 1 hour a day, else you will suffer a level of exhaustion. This build doesn't do anything to address this, so you are gonna need to rely on your Party or the Environment to provide you these chances.

If you're playing in a game where you can't pick Grung as a playable race, and/or your DM doesn't want to roll 5+ Con saves against your poison every turn of combat, Halfling makes a okay replacement, if you have to. I guess. But I'm not happy about it.

Stats (Standard Array) STR: 8 (I see no reason to invest in this) DEX: 15+2 (This is your main stat, we maxing this quick.) CON: 13+1 (Hitpoints are nice to have) INT: 10 WIS: 12 CHA: 14 (You can shuffle around the soft stats to your preference, this is mine.)

Background: Up to preference, I'd go with Entertainer. Pick Banjo for your musical instrument, and sing about the struggles of life as a Green man in Grung society.

Equipment: We're gonna use Light Armor, a Shield, (since we don't need an open hand to load our weapon), and as many darts as we can get our slimy little mitts on. You should also Keep a Dagger on your belt just in case someone gets into melee range with you.

Tier 1[edit]

•Fighter 1[edit]

 Fighting Style (Thrown Weapon)
 Second Wind

-Our fighting style is gonna enable our play style. Giving us extra damage, and as many dart draws as we need in a turn. This also adds 2 to our damage rolls with our thrown weapons, so each dart attack is doing at more damage on average than one could do with a Hand Crossbow (d4+2 averages to 4.5, where a d6 averages to 3.5).

•Fighter 2[edit]

 Action Surge

-The best class feature in the entire game.

•Fighter 3[edit]

°Martial Archetype: Battle Master

 Superiority Die (d8)
 Quick Toss
 Precision Attack
 Disarming Attack

-Battle Master is the best Martial Archetype for any throwing weapon based build, thanks to the addition of Quick Toss from Tasha's. Quick Toss lets us spend a Superiority Die and our Bonus Action in order to make another ranged attack with our darts. Precision Attack is there for when we get Sharpshooter later on. Disarming Attack lets you... hold on... I seem to have lost a page of my notes here. I'm very sorry about this... Give me 1 sec- Ah! Here it is. Disarming Attack lets you Disarm with an Attack.

•Fighter 4[edit]

 Feat: Resilient (Dex)

-You can obviously swap the order of Feats and ASIs to your liking. Resilient pumps up our Dex by 1, giving us +1 to attack rolls, damage rolls, initiative rolls, AC, and the DC for our maneuvers. We also gain proficiency with Dex saving throws, which will probably save your moist skin from at least 1 fireball.

Tier 2[edit]

•Fighter 5[edit]

 Extra Attack

-The first of many to come.

•Fighter 6[edit]

 ASI: Dex+2

-We have maxed out the super stat. Our AC with studded leather and a shield is 19. That's enough for nearly any situation.

•Fighter 7 (Battle Master)[edit]

 Know your Enemy
 Additional Superiority Die
 Maneuvering Attack

-Parry is here in case 19 AC is not enough for the situation. Maneuvering Attack is here to support our allies, and because no list of Maneuvers would be complete without Maneuvering Attack, the Maneuvering Maneuver (tm).

•Fighter 8[edit]

 Feat: Sharpshooter

-This is the sauce right here. You already know what this does. -5 to an attack roll in exchange for +10 that attack's damage. In addition, we can attack at long range without disadvantage, and ignore 1/2 and 3/4 cover. FUN FACT!: Darts are the only Thrown weapon that is able to use the bonus damage from Sharpshooter.

•Fighter 9[edit]


-An extra chance to save your moist skin from at least 1 fireball.

•Fighter 10 (Battle Master)[edit]

 Superiority Die (d10)
 Trip Attack
 Menacing Attack

-Trip Attack is for when you want to demolish someone's Achilles tendon. Menacing Attack will let you put the fear of God into your foes. (Appropriately enough, considering how you are slowly becoming one.)

Tier 3[edit]

•Fighter 11[edit]

 Extra Attack 2

-3 attacks for main action, 1 more for bonus action, and 3 more with an action surge. That's 7 attacks, and each hit comes with that DC 12 saving throw attached. It could get a little obnoxious at this stage.

•Fighter 12[edit]

 Feat: Fighting Initiate (Archery)

-+2 to your ranged attack rolls, so your Sharpshooter attacks are more likely to hit. Also your non Sharpshooter attacks.

•Fighter 13[edit]

 Indomitable 2

•Fighter 14[edit]

 Feat: Crossbow Expert/Gunner

-This is just to remove the disadvantage on point blank ranged attacks. We aren't gonna change to use some inferior weapon like a Hand Crossbow or a Gun. That would be foolish.

•Fighter 15[edit]

 Additional Superiority Die
 Tactical Assessment

-Relentless is really nice since we tend to burn thru Superiority Dice on Quick Tosses. Ngl I used a Dartboard to pick the last two maneuvers. It felt like the only right way to

•Fighter 16[edit]

 Feat: Poisoner

-If you are still doing the campaign, and your DM isn't exclusively using enemies that are immune to Poison damage, then this is a way to up the poison damage against those that resist it, and force our long suffering DM to roll even more Con saves.

Tier 4[edit]

•Fighter 17[edit]

 Action Surge 2
 Indomitable 3

•Fighter 18[edit]

 Superiority Die (d12)

•Fighter 19[edit]

 Feat: Actor

Change your name, go to Hollywood, finally get your big break, make a successful verity show, settle down with the most porkable girl you can find, and put your old life as a bloodthirsty merc behind you. That, or take Tough for a lot more HP. Or Skulker for better stealth. Or, a lot of things actually, maybe Actor isn't the most optimal pick here.

•Fighter 20[edit]

 Extra Attack 3

-Up to 9 attacks in a turn, (11 with ideal supports, see below), and these attacks are dealing a d4+19 piercing, + 1d12 if you spend a Sup Die + 2d4 if they fail the con save. In the words of the wise philosopher Phillip Swift, "Now THAT'S a lotta damage!"


•A character that can Create Water for you to make sure you never get dried out during a rest. Create/Destroy Water is on the Cleric list. •An Order Domain Cleric will be able to enable you with an additional attack with their Voice of Authority feature. Whenever they cast a leveled spell targeting you, you can use your reaction to make a weapon attack, pushing us up to 10 attacks in a round easily enough. •A returning weapon would help, in that you wouldn't need to keep track of how many darts you have. So an Artificer that can hook you up with that will make inventory management easy. Also adds +1 to Attack and Damage rolls or something but obviously that is not the main concern here. •Of Course, anyone that would cast Haste on you is great for the extra attack and AC. That's on the Artificer list. •A Centaur that would let you mount them would be cool. It would really help cover your low walk speed from being a smol frogo. And would have great synergy with Maneuvering Attack.

So convince your friend to play a Centaur Order Domain Cleric/Artificer and go to town.

I hope you all learned something today about how with Poison, Darts, Frogs, Poison Dart Frogs, and Poisoned Darts thrown by Frogs, everything is not unpossible. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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