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All throughout Ricasa there are people, people, people. As of last count there were one hundred million registered as citizens and probably another million not so. Most of those people are either totally unimportant or live their lives in boring uniformity on a farm or something. But some of those people are the ones at the top of the stack, and if you intend to do jobs or quests in Ricasa, chances are you'll run across one of these guys.

All-Around Guys[edit]

For various reasons, certain contacts and subjects of quests can't let themselves be traced to a single address. If you run into these people, it's usually because they want you to.


We'll start with the Mob. Hidden deep within the shadowy ranks and cells of the Mob's operations sits the man at the top of the heap. Known only as X and wanted in Serlithana, Lamelloth, and Bastion for all kinds of criminal activity, X is debatably one of the most powerful men in Ricasa. Or maybe it's women?

No-one knows. Those few who ever meet the man always report him as looking different than the last report, and he's seemingly got no limits- height, weight, race, and even gender are subject to change from account to account (though male is more predominant). This suggests two possibilities: one, he's a shapeshifter. Or two, which has more backing to it, he's got something on his person or near him that generates a constant Illusion spell.

Though he's never seen without his bodyguards and lets his subordinates handle the dirty work, X is highly dangerous on his own. He's never seen without his custom-tooled (Masterwork) H-9 Cannonade, and he's a dead shot with it, as well as being a decent martial artist and swordsman. It's not a good idea to irritate the Mob.

Jonas Parker[edit]

This is the kind of man you'd run into at the supermarket and chat about how your families were doing. You'd never expect that he was one of the most powerful psions in Ricasa.

Jonas Parker is the Great Link's contact man- since most of its members are hard-pressed to go to the Hawser for assignments, Jonas brings the assignments to them. He's the group's number three man, and can never be found in the same place for more than two days at a time. No-one's sure how exactly he gets around so fast, either...

A Link member can expect to see a lot of Jonas, especially in out-of-the-way places, but trying to take him out is not advised. For the one, he's extremely powerful, a highly capable psion, and not afraid to fight dirty if backed into a corner. And for another, any attack on Jonas is viewed as an attack on the Link itself, and will make his killer an enemy-for-life of the organization.

Who's Who in Bastion[edit]

President Tatania Alexandrov[edit]

Bastion is something of a model for social change in Ricasa- first nation to announce a multiple-party, checks-and-balances government, first nation to embrace free trade, and now, first nation to elect a female head of government. President Alexandrov ascended to the position of First Officer of Bastion as a result of the latest election, and has shown all signs of becoming an impressive leader- though at only two months of tenure so far, any judging may be a bit premature.

President Alexandrov doesn't actually need any kind of martial training- the Iron Guard is more than capable of holding off an entire army on its own. Nonetheless, Tatania does have some skill with a pistol, and she's a fast learner.

Pyotr Dakras[edit]

Pyotr Dakras is the man to see in Bastion. Operating out of a small, nondescript office in Chartrane, Dakras is the government's undercover contact- if the government needs you to know, but the people don't need to know, they'll send you to Dakras for the information.

Attacking Dakras would be ridiculously simple- he's nothing but a bureaucrat and he doesn't carry a weapon. But even touching the man will make you an Enemy Of The State in Bastion, and though they may be a democracy, the methods they'll use to find you can only be described as totalitarian.

Mishka Coronus[edit]

Mishka Coronus is the legendary CEO of the Bastion Defense Works, who picked up the failing company from its former owners and turned it into an economic powerhouse, and could be best described as a hermit. He's rarely seen outside his office above Smeltery #1, just outside Iscotto, and contact with anyone is limited to those he trusts without debate. That list is pretty much limited to his second-in-command, Aleksi, but if you've done his company a big enough service he may wish to reward you in person.

Mishka is not to be taken lightly. He did a little adventuring of his own before founding the company, and he's rumored to have a shotgun hidden somewhere in that gigantic desk of his. And you may rest assured, he knows how to use it.


Aleksi S. Filitus is the BDW's mover and shaker- he makes sure the company stays on time, under budget, and ahead of the competition. He also acts as Mishka's bodyguard, and though no-one's ever tried it you may rest assured he knows how to use that pistol he's wearing.

Who's Who in Calthoras[edit]


The second most powerful psion in Ricasa can't even use his legs anymore, but that doesn't mean he's stuck in any one place. Sitting pretty at the top of the Great Link's headquarters on Kilderkin Point, the Hawser, Nikor has been pretty much running this organization for most of his adult life, and he's prepared to see it through another two hundred years.

Most people will never meet this elf, but if you have served with enough distinction in the Great Link you may get a chance to see him. Nikor is an impressively powerful Psion, and though he probably is mortal, it's not advised to test it.

Alvin Petras[edit]

The man at the top of the Link went half-mad with power long ago, and you won't ever find him at the tower. In fact, you're not likely to find him at all if you haven't taken the "Broken Link" quest. But for those who may stumble across this man wandering around mad in the Shield Mountains, be warned- he is incredibly dangerous and not completely stable. He may greet you warmly when he sees you, he may attack you with a vengeance (DM's choice). If you aren't gunning for him especially your best advice is to stay as far away as you can.

If you actually manage to kill Petras, the Link will most likely be extremely grateful- it would be bad for their reputation if it got around that their leader was wandering around mad in the mountains. They might even see fit to give you a nice, big reward- and tell you to forget this ever happened. It's wise to do so, or they might have to make you forget it.

Sergei Trestol[edit]

Though the Star Knights supposedly no longer run the government in Calthoras, debates could be made that nothing has changed. One of these is the odd position of Sergei Trestol. Sergei is a low-level knight who also happens to be a mid-level councilor on the Arbitration, and if either the government or the Knights want someone to do something quietly they'll often send Sergei out to ask around.

Sergei didn't get to be a Star Knight through political means- though he's young, he definitely knows how to use that sword of his. And be warned- killing the representative of TWO agencies will net you TWO highly powerful groups who want your head, which is generally unhealthy.

Who's Who in Canadia[edit]

Miles Teleros[edit]

This former Crown Legionnare took over the reins of the Canadese Arms Corporation after the old owner retired due to heart problems, and he's led the company into a golden age of prosperity and progress. Still going strong at age 50, he makes it his personal business to know every aspect and worker of the company- even if he doesn't show up to them much. You probably won't ever meet the man- catching his attention is a challenge.

Miles is perhaps the last person in Ricasa with a bow and arrows in his possession, but he knows how to use them and makes sure to provide himself with the room to do so. In addition, he kept his shortsword when he retired from the army, and those who get too close to him may find the situation not to their liking.

King Domic Jacinus[edit]

Forced onto the throne at age 15, Domic taught himself politics out of necessity- and turned the whole political world upside-down. Though now in his 85th year, he has lost none of his internal fire- or, surprisingly, none of his hair. Might have something to do with that crown he wears...

Domic has done his absolute best not to get sucked in by the amount of power he wields, and it's worked surprisingly well- he still talks, thinks, and acts like an everyday man. The word best used to describe him is "blunt". Up until recently, he loved going out and just mingling in the streets of Treycona with his people, but recent assassination threats from a multitude of angles have forced him to stay shut up in the Royal Palace, miserable.

It's not easy to gain an audience with the King- he's got one of the most capable secretaries in history, and the Royal Guard is an impressive force. As for the King himself, staying eternally young for so long gives him experience without atrophy, and he probably knows more about combat than you could learn in, well, a lifetime. His armament is also not to be scoffed at- he knows how to use those pistols of his. Even unarmed, he's a threat to be reckoned with; he learned his fisticuffs from the greatest of all brawlers- Redeye.

Christoph Arandas[edit]

Of all the many people who work in the Royal Palace, Christoph is probably the one with the most extensive and varied workload. Secretary, advisor, ambassador, bodyguard, and Royal Mage are just a few of the duties of this extremely busy man, who keeps the wheels of government turning despite being practically unknown by the people. If you intend to do any kind of work for the Canadese government, this is the man you'll have to see about it.

Christoph's resume is most impressive. He passed the Arcane Point tests at age 22, which, though not the youngest to ever pass, definitely ranks among the youngest ten. He worked in law enforcement for nine years before getting hired on by the King, and if he doesn't want you to see the King, then you're not getting in. Attacking him has been tried before and it's never worked- Christoph is quite skilled in the arcane arts, with a particular flair for lightning, and he can fight very dirty if he has to.

Who's Who in Capraht[edit]

Baron Larson Zensora[edit]

Capraht isn't a country that many want to have dealings with. The leadership is unpredictable, moral codes are almost nonexistant, and everyone remembers the Trial War. Nevertheless, it may sometimes be impossible to avoid dealings with the Dark Lands, and if you intend to work with them, you'll meet this man.

Baron Zensora is the invulnerable, immortal ruler of the land of Capraht. He is not to be trifled with- the man single-handedly reformed the Black Army and fought four countries to a standstill towards the end of the Trial War. It took the intervention of Canadia to make him say uncle, and he still holds sway over his lands nonetheless. Nothing done in his country escapes his gaze, and if you want to do some exploring or work or what have you there, you'll need his permission.

The Baron is immortal. That is fact. He was stabbed through the heart at Bolon Pass and he's still very much alive right now. We know, thanks to King Jacinus, that this comes from that diamond clasp he wears on his cloak. It's proven impossible to steal, however, and attacking the man is a ridiculous idea. After all, how do you kill an immortal man?

The Black Sage[edit]

No-one knows this guy's real name, and quite frankly most people don't know he even exists. The Baron's right-hand man is probably one of the most secretive people in Ricasa. Almost no-one's heard him speak- in fact, no-one's seen his face, since he wears a black mask when out in public and has a hood over that. We do know that he is a cleric of Secundis, judging by the symbol of that god which is plainly visible on the forehead of his mask, but beyond that, nothing. Approach with caution, or perhaps not at all.

Who's Who in Kalantar[edit]


No-one has seen the Elven Lord in over a decade- in fact, the world outside Kalantar isn't even sure if he's still alive at this point. And trying to ask the elves about it will earn you the personal and highly uncomfortable attention of the most vitriolic lady the Elves have seen in centuries- Bellara. The current Elven Princess is no high-society lady: Bellara was born and raised during the chaos of the Trial War, and it seems to have rubbed off on her. Granted, she knows how to run the railroad, make no mistake about that. But if the Elven Lord is truly dead, then for the first time in almost one thousand years the Elves will have a leader who doesn't want to play by the other kids' rules- a true force of Chaos on the seat of the Lord.

Bellara was raised during dangerous times, and adapted to match. She disdains powder weapons in favor of swords and daggers, but don't let that fool you into thinking you have the range advantage- if she wants to get near you without you knowing, she'll do it.


Still technically the current Elven Lord despite his rather extended holiday from the public eye, Giltonas still has at least ten years to go before the rest of the world declares him lost and starts recognizing Bellara as leader. Middle-aged for an elf, Giltonas is still in the prime of his life (provided he's alive), and is quite the persuasive figure- if he wants you to believe him, you're going to believe him.

Who's Who in Lamelloth[edit]

Queen Maria IV[edit]

Though the Royal Family of Lamelloth is simply for show nowadays, don't let that fool you- the Lamells love their royalty, and a note from the Queen is still as good as a hand-carved message from a god. Queen Maria has held the throne for 44 years now, and shows no sign of slowing down- she still makes most of the diplomatic visits to the neighbors of the Flatlands, and no-one is better at verbal combat.

Maria, herself, has never really taken any kind of martial training, and there's not much a 65-year-old woman (or man, for that matter) could do against a young, fast assassin. However, her guard retinue is trained to extremes that surpass that of any army's training, and they accompany her pretty much everywhere, so the likelyhood of an assassin escaping alive is extremely slim.

Prince Victor I[edit]

Though only nineteen, Prince Victor has already shown himself to be quite the public figure. He can't seem to STOP taking sides, especially on the issue of the Pirate King, which Lamelloth is still neutral on. Though this might have otherwise undermined his credibility, the Prince is no fool- though barely out of high school he's already shown an incredible people's sense, as well as a high mathematical acumen, and when the Queen finally decides to step down, Lamelloth will have a powerful new figurehead on the throne.

The Prince is still a teen, and has been focusing his time on school and the like- he hasn't had much chance to train with any kind of weapons. But the guard detail on him is just as heavy as the Queen's, and a lot more covert- and all Lamells, no matter their age, are nasty fighters if given no other options.

Chairman Stanislaus Stoletha[edit]

Lamelloth runs by a Council, and at the top of the council is the Chairman. Stanislaus has wheedled, schemed, and downright threatened time and again to keep his position, and as a result he's headed the country for more than thirty years. But despite his political manueverings, Stanislaus is a brilliant leader- he's kept diplomatic and trade relations in good favor throughout all of his career. He is also quite the public figure, acting as something of a personal representative of the government to the people. If Lamelloth wants you to do something, you'll likely hear of it from this man.

Any physical attack on the Council is considered grounds for treason in Lamelloth, and none moreso than Stanislaus. The man is a Grade-A coward when it comes to serious personal threats, which is probably why he's hired so many bodyguards, but the Lamells have grown to love him and an attack on him is viewed as an attack on them all.

Who's Who in Malania[edit]

Archmage Kyle Selthos Jr.[edit]

The most recent appointee to the head of the Order of Arcanus took up the ceremonial staff two years ago, and in that time has focussed mostly on the furtherment of the Order's public view- something that the older mages in the order have frowned upon. Kyle is by no means incompetent, but his focus is more on P.R. than the spread of magic, which had been the focus of most of the former Archmages- and change is never comfortable. Kyle says he's got a master plan, but as to what it is, only he seems to know.

Whatever his qualities as a leader, none in the Order will doubt Kyle's abilities as a magic-user. One of the youngest to ever gain entrance to the Order as well as one of the most powerful, he served much of his life prior to taking the staff as an adventurer in the east, and there's still legends told out there of the Man of Fire. If he doesn't like something, he may well elect to burn it down.

Duke Peter Baractus[edit]


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