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Plant Fiber[edit]

Plant fibers are used to make a variety of materials. Many ordinary objects, from baskets to clothes, are made from plant fiber. Plant fibers include wood, cotton, bamboo, wicker, and hemp.

Some plant fibers, such as wood, are used to create weapons.

As Armor: Plant fiber may be used to create armor and shields. Plant fiber may be substituted for padded, leather, studded leather, hide, scale, and chain armors. AC bonus is equal to:

(Normal AC x 1/2) + 1

The cost of these armors is usually nominal.

AC Bonus Cost
+1 +500 gp
+2 +1000 gp
+3 +2000 gp

Use of exotic materials may increase the cost.

Plant fiber armor has 2 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 0. Armors made with this material get -1 Armor Check Penalty and +1 Max Dex Bonus

Plant fibers are most often used among primitive peoples and elves. Weapons made with this cost +2000 the normal cost, and are masterwork reduce the weight by 1/2

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