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There are many different varieties of worlds in the Multiverse, all of which have access to one form or another of the Astral Plane's infinite expanse. As an example, an Earth-sized world will be used as the meterstick to determine the effects the different environments would have on planar travellers. The Earth is roughly 24,000 miles in circumference (for the sake of argument, we're rounding to the nearest thousand miles) while Jherracz is approximately 30,000 miles in circumference. For this reason, the gravity is noticeably higher on Jherracz. Although it's not quite doubled, it's certainly within the 1.5 G range.

Due to this, creatures coming from Earth-sized planets (Like Abeir-Toril or the Grayhawk campaign settings, for example) would suffer slight penalties for the first 1d3+1 weeks. They immediately, and until their bodies acclimate to the slight pressure and gravity changes, suffer the following penalties:

  • A -10 to all move speeds. Any climb speeds are halved if higher than 20.
  • A -4 penalty to Jump and Balance checks.
  • A -2 penalty to Swim checks.
  • An additional -1 to any armor check penalties.
  • An affective -2 to Strength.

Likewise, any creature travelling from Jherracz (Including those that have adjusted to it previously) will, for 1d3+1 weeks, enjoy the reciprocal bonuses while their bodies adjust to the easier environment.

  • A +10 to all move speeds. Any climb speeds are doubled.
  • A +4 bonus to Jump and Balance checks.
  • A +2 bonus to Swim checks.
  • An effective reduction of 1 armor check penalty.
  • An additional +2 points to Strength.

If, for example, a Rukaiin were to travel to Abeir-Toril, the Forgotten Realms homeworld, and remain there for two months, then return to his homeworld of Jherracz, he would have enjoyed a brief period of physical prowess in the low-gravity environment, then returned to find certain day-to-day activities much more difficult while his body had weakened. If, however, he were to return within the week, all bonuses would return to normal and he would incur none of the penalties.

However, creatures that are either incorporeal, those with a divine rank of 1 or higher, or who are under the effects of a Bull's Strength spell do not incur the penalties; the last example only for the duration of the spell.

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