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The Plain Porcelain Mask[edit]

A simple round mask made of porcelain, designed for one of human size, it bears a simple white outer shell, the chin coming to an angled point, and a vertical center line forming a corner going down the front. The eyes would be slanted, Vesica piscis shapes that obscured the skin beneath them to create a seeming void of nothing beneath the mask, yet the color of their eyes showed through. The sides extended out in simple brown leather straps that wrapped around the head.

As time goes on, the Wearer will feel the effects of it grow greater and greater, just as the soul has begun to grow within the individual.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Miscellaneous Headgear; Cost 00,000 gp; May be worn over a set of armor, with no AC bonus, however, if not currently wearing armor or simple clothing, the mask will provide +1 AC.

Omen: Staring upon the mask without a wearer fills the viewer with a sense of panic and rabid paranoia, as well as carnal lust and labyrinthine confusion. Once worn, it appears as nothing more than a plain porcelain mask.


Table: Plain Porcelain Mask

HD Wounds Lost Abilities & Gifts
1st -1 Bound, Tongueless,
2nd -2 Unhallowed
3rd -1 Soul-Touched, Darksight
4th -2 -
5th -1 Consummation of Our Curse
6th -2 -
7th -1 The Winds Howl With Us
8th -2 -
9th -1 Bask In Our Blessings
10th -2 Rending Fury
11th -1 -
12th -2 -
13th -1 Severing We Shalt Be
14th -2 -
15th -1 -
16th -2 -

Legacy Rituals[edit]

These rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of the mask.

Soul Bondage: Incapacitated and naked, an unwilling subject (Typically, You!) must have the mask placed onto their face after removal of the tongue, and a dark prayer must be initiated, binding the mask and aligning it to the occult deity. The unwilling target will be filled with dreams of dread, lust, fury and fear, and will awaken 1d3+WIS Mod. days later. Cost: 0gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Bound and Tongueless granted.)

Bless'd Be Thy Innocence Unhallowed: Kill another person in a scenario where you were emotionally distraught, in as brutal of a way possible for the character at that moment. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Unhallowed granted.)

Stare Unto The Abyss: Brutally maim an individual in total darkness. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Darksight granted.)

Firm Is Our Grasp: Kill an individual in Fury form 8 separate times, or kill 4 Individuals in one transformation period. Feat Granted: Moderate Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Soul-Touched granted.)

Restless Are We In Fury: Slay 3 Fleeing Enemies with Charge actions, or after Runs. Feat Granted: Moderate Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (The Winds Howl With Us granted.)

Touched are you, by Righteous Bloodshed: Ensue a "Killing Spree" by slaying 4 or more opponents during a single transformation period, and taste their blood. "Firm Is Our Grasp" is a prerequisite. This ritual may be repeated, but its rewards only reaped once per level. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Consummation of Our Curse granted.)

Feel The Ichor Of Our Toil: Using an unarmed attack in Fury form, destroy an opponent's heart. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Rending Fury granted.)

Breaking The Mind Makes Way For Our Touch: Intimidate 5 foes in Fury form. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Plain Porcelain Mask) (Bask In Our Blessings granted.)

Plain Porcelain Mask Wearer Requirements[edit]

Sentient & living creature, ability to feel complex emotion. The mask has no other requirements.

Legacy Item Abilities[edit]

All of the following are legacy item abilities of the mask.

Bound (Ex): Binding itself to the owner in more ways than one, the mask automatically grants these feats to the wearer:

  • Bound by Thy Face: The mask is bound physically to the owner's face, and is unable to be removed by conventional means (such as simply taking it off.) This may manifest as fusing within one's flesh, or as stitching binding it to the user's skin. The mask may be lifted painfully to consume food and drink, causing 1d2 physical damage, but may never be removed.
  • Bound by Thy Heart: An invisible metaphysical chain burrows its way into the wearer's soul, wrapping itself around the essence of their heart. Should the mask ever be removed, the chain will constrict, until the wearer's heart pops.
  • Bound by Thy Soul: The mask draws its power not only from the energies held within it, but from the life force of the wearer. To sustain its own hunger, it saps the life of the wearer, causing them to lose wounds with every level (See table).

Tongueless (Ex): Gain the Mute trait.

Unhallowed (Su): The curse within the mask manifests physically under intense emotional stress, temporarily consuming the wearer. Gain the Infurianism trait. When in Fury form, you do not lose your Good or Neutral alignment, but also count as Evil for the sake of Turn Evil, Smite, and so on.

Soul-Touched (Ex): The Curse has manifested itself further within the user's soul and life-essence. The wearer may now take Abyssal Heritor feats, and select the nature of which this curse personifies itself internally (Select a Heritor.)

Darksight (Su): Gain Dark Vision out to 60ft as a Supernatural effect.

The Winds Howl With Us (Su): Gain +15 Movement Speed as a Supernatural effect. This bonus increases to +30 when in Fury form.

Consummation Of Our Curse (Su): Gain 2 Abyssal Heritor feats.

Rending Fury (Su): Unarmed Attacks while in Fury form deal an additional +1d3 Bleed Damage, plus 1d2 Bleed damage every round after for a number of rounds equal to the recipient's Constitution modifier.

Bask In Our Blessings (Su): Gain Frightful Presence during Fury form.

Severing We Shalt Be (Su): Unarmed Attacks while in Fury form gain the Vorpal quality.

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