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Pig Iron[edit]

Iron is the primary metal that makes up steel. Poorly refined iron has the wrong characteristics, making poor weapons. Weapon grade iron has impurities removed while retaining impurities that provide strength. This type of iron is often called "pig iron."

Iron weapons are identical to steel weapons with the following exceptions. Iron weapons are less resilient than steel weapons. When an iron weapon is used in an attack, on a natural 1, an iron weapon loses hit points equal to the strength bonus of the wielder +1. Weapons which lose all their hit points break or bend.

Iron armor has its AC modifier reduced by one.

Masterwork iron armor and weapons are composed of steel. (This type of steel is often called "meteoric iron". It is a naturally occurring steel.) Their cost and properties is identical to standard steel masterwork items.

Iron which comes from wall of iron is too pure. It lacks the carbon needed to give it proper characteristics. Weaponsmiths and armorsmiths do not want this type of iron. Weapons made from this iron have half the hitpoints of a pig iron weapon.

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