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Phony Salespitch Tsuku-Master Utility 16
With a sharp sense of knowing how to fib, you or an ally are able to tell the biggest, tallest, most fantastic tale ever.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Free Action Ranged 10
Trigger: {{{trigger}}}
Prerequisite: You or the target ally must be trained in bluff.
Target: You or one ally.
Effect: The target gets a +10 bonus to their next bluff check.
Special: If the target rolls a 19 or a 20 on the bluff check right after this power was used, then a spirit of slyness is imbued on him or her for a turn: His or her words become more convincing then ever before, their teeth sparkling with a brilliant light. Thus, when this happens, all creatures within 5 spaces of the target get a -5 penalty to the next insight check they make.

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