Phoenix Armor Implants (Fallout Supplement)

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Phoenix Armor Implants

You have inherent protection against energy attacks. This implant consists of combat armor thermal-dissipative membranes grafted under the patient's skin, improving the resistance to heat and energy based damage. This operation should create only a minimal scarring to the recipient. Burning and itching sensation also disappears after a few weeks of operation once the recipient's body is getting used to the thermal-dissipative fibers. Results in no real impact on the recipient's charisma.
Prerequisite: Needs to be learned about and bought. Requires a suit of combat armor.
Benefit: +5% to Damage Resistance against plasma, laser and fire weapons.
Special: This is a special perk, which means that it cannot be taken on leveling up. It is given by doctors in Vault City, Redding, or San Francisco once having learned about implants in Vault City. The implant takes three days and also requires parting with a suit of normal combat armor; combat armor Mk II and Brotherhood armor cannot be used for this purpose.

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