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Phantom Familiar [Class]

You gain a companion from the plane of shadow.
Prerequisite: Phantom level 3rd.
Benefit: You can obtain a familiar in the same manner as a sorcerer or wizard, but it possesses the dark template. As with a sorcerer or wizard, obtaining a familiar takes 24 hours and uses up magic materials worth 100 gp. For the purpose of determining familiar abilities that depend on your caster level, your levels in all classes that allow you to cast powers or arcane spells stack.
Special: At any time you gain the incorporeal type, your familiar also becomes incorporeal, such as when using the Shadow Form ability, or when you gain the Shadow Body ability. When you lose the incorporeal type your familiar does also. If you gain access to an alternative familiar, such as through the Improved Familiar feat, it also gains the dark template.

Note: Related to the Phantom

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