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Pelor's Grace: Warhammer granted by the god Pelor to King Wolf of Ivar for his faith

Many gods bestow upon their most faithful servants magical items of great power to increase their presence in the world. Such was the way with King Wolf of Ivar, third ruler of the Kingdom of Benneth. As a child, Wolf was destined to be a powerful warrior in the service of Pelor, as his father and his father's father were. He was taught the holy ways early in his life, and the timing could not be better. At the age of sixteen, Wolf and his father were called out to a neighboring town following a series of disappearances. They tracked the culprit to a tower in the nearby forest, and engaged the owner in combat. As Wolf's father engaged the wizard owner, the magic user had a trap laid out to call upon a powerful Balor to aid him. During the attack, the wizard was knocked unconscious and the Balor broke free. In a fit of rage, the Balor struck down Wolf's father, and turned on Wolf. Seeing no other option before him, Wolf called out to Pelor to grant him strength, and charged the demon in a final rush. The call was heard, and a sudden light sprang forth from his warhammer, blinding the demon. As he looked to his weapon, he first noticed the glow surrounding the new emblem emblazoned on the side of the head: the sun emblem of Pelor. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, he sprang forward and swung the hammer at his foe, going for the kneecap. As it connected, the skin beneath dissolved under the enchantment of the weapon, and he went to work. Only two more strikes had the Balor sent spiraling back to the Abyss. After that, the weapon stayed with Wolf throughout his life, smiting evil where ever he found it, and the weapon came to be known simply as Pelor's Grace.

The weapon itself is a sight to behold. When not in use, the weapon produces a small glow. When being held ready for battle, the glow intensifies, illuminating up to a 30ft radius. The head of the hammer is made of a steel-like material, though no smith has been able to scratch or even identify what metal it is. On both sides of the head, the symbol of Pelor is etched in gold, and an inscription in the Common tongue reads along the length of the shaft, "Pelor's Chosen." Enchantment- +5 Aura of Good Enhance Smiting- This weapon enhances Wolf's Smite Evil ability. In addition to the bonus damage from the ability, it deals an additional 2d10 points of damage, and the evil creature must make a DC 30 Will save or be terrified for 2d4 rounds. Demon's Bane-
Strong Enchantment; CL 25; Weight: 10 lbs lb.

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