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Path of the Healer[edit]

Every barbarian tribe needs a healer, so why not let it be you?

While you still are adept in the same things a normal barbarian is adept in, instead of focusing on the fighting, you decide to aid your fellow barbarians and learn how to heal.


The healer of the tribe tries to keep all of the tribesmen's wounds cured. At level 3, as a bonus action when this path is chosen, you gain the ability to heal people directly and without a dice roll. You have a set amount of hit points gifted to you by the old gods to give to either yourself or another being, not counting undead or constructs. This set amount of hit points is equal to (your barbarian level + Medicine skill) x 10. You can also expend 5 hit points from the pool to cure one disease or neutralize one poison. You regain half of your healing points after a short rest and all of them after a long rest.

Giver of Life[edit]

Starting at level 6 you can use a 1d6 + 4 to grant temporary hit points to either yourself or another being, not including undead or constructs. At every level above 6 you can add 2 additional hit points to the total. The temporary hit points expire after 1 hour.

Life Saver[edit]

Beginning at level 10 you can expend 25 of your own hit points and 60 hit points from your healing pool to bring a being, not including undead or constructs, back to life and to 1 hit point. You must do this within 10 minutes of the being dying. If you only have 25 hit points left, then you can still use this ability, though it would cause you to become incapacitated. Additionally, you can use greater restoration by expending 60 healing pool hit points.

Protector from Death[edit]

At 14th level, you can use 15 hit points from the pool per desired hour and touch a living creature, except undead or constructs, in order to grant them a temporary protection from death, the first time a creature is killed while under your protection, they are instead reduced to 1 hit point and they are no longer under your protection. This can also protect creatures that would be killed instantly without taking damage, they would instead be lowered to 1 health.

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