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Draconic Bloodline
Dragon Damage Type
Black Acid
Blue Lightning
Brass Fire
Bronze Lightning
Copper Acid
Gold Fire
Green Poison
Red Fire
Silver Cold
White Cold

Draconic Bloodline[edit]

When you choose this subclass at 3rd level, choose one type of ansestral dragon. The damage type associated with each dragon's breath weapon is used by features you gain later. These are Dragons mentioned or found in the forgotten realms, but speak to your DM first about which are in their campaign setting. Even in Forgotten Realms, Platinum dragons are all but unheard of, and clarifying what kind of linage your Barbarian hailed from will help integrate your character in the campaign all the better. IF there is a dragon that is not in the table, find out it's breath weapon, and incorporate it with the choose ancestry for your future features.

You can speak, read, and write Draconic. If you already speak Draconic, pick another language. Additionally, whenever you make a Charisma check when interacting with dragons, your proficiency bonus is doubled if it applies to the check.

You also count as a dragonoid for spells and abilities and a dragonborn for feat prerequisites

Dragon Blood Heir[edit]

primary lv 3 ability

Draconic persistence[edit]

lv 6



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