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Path of the Chosen[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

Those who follow the path of the chosen are as fearsome as they come. Source

Some barbarian wade through dungeons and dangerous lands seeking riches, others cut through tides of enemies in the pursuit of glory, some want to make the world a better place, while others want to grind the weak beneath their boot heels. An then, there are the Chosen. These armored champions and warriors wander the earth in search of challenge to prove themselves, and have attracted the attention of a patron god. Chosen are barbarians that have skills unlike most of their fellow warriors, fighting with the skill of demigods and the ferocity of devils.

Armored Marauder

Your training has left your rage boil over even in the heaviest restraints. Starting at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in heavy armor, and heavy armor does not prevent you from benefitting from your barbarian features.

Chosen of the Gods

The god you have taken an oath to serve has granted you new power. Also at 3rd level, choose one of the following.

  • Undivided. Your devotion to all gods of chaos has left you versatile and fearless. While raging, you are immune to the frightened, charmed, and exhaustion conditions.
  • Khorne. The god of murder is an ample choice for your kind, as he bestows upon you the strength to shatter your enemies. While raging, your damage bonus from it doubles.
  • Nurgle. The god of pestilence has granted you otherwordly durability. While raging, when you are hit by an attack, you can use a reaction to reduce the damage taken by half your barbarian level, rounded down.
  • Tzeentch. The god of trickery has granted you abilities fit for such a domain. While raging, you can use a bonus action to teleport to a location you can see within 15 feet of you.
  • Slaanesh. The god of excess has granted you further power through speed. While raging, when you take the dash action, you can make an attack as a bonus action.
Mark of the Gods

Even when not raging, the gods have further influenced your abilities. Starting at 6th level, choose one of the following.

  • Undivided. With your faith in the pantheon, your victory is assured. When rolling a d20, if it lands on a 1, you may reroll the result, taking the new one, even if it's also a 1.
  • Khorne. Of all things else, Khorne hates nothing more than magic, and grants his followers relative immunity to it. You have advantage on saving throws against spells and magical effects.
  • Nurgle. Knowing his champions cannot live forever with his gifts, he grants them relative ignorance of them. You are resistant to acid and poison damage, and immune to the poisoned condition.
  • Tzeentch. Influenced by the warp sorcery, you are now capable of casting spells. Choose two spells from the warlock spell list, of 2nd level or lower. You can cast each of these once, and regain the use on a long rest. These spells can be cast while raging, and Constitution is your spellcasting modifier for them.
  • Slaanesh. You have been dulled to the excess of the world, capable of taking in even more of it. You have resistance to thunder and psychic damage, and immunity to the deafened condition.
Beckon the Warp

Your connection to the gods have granted you the true names of certain fiends, and the means to summon them. Starting at 10th level, you may cast the summon greater demon spell once, and regain the use after a long rest. You know the true name of any demon you summon.

Prince of Chaos

You have reached the precipice of power for champions, and have been granted the power of temporary daemonhood. Starting at 14th level, while raging, your size increases by one category(so long as you have the room to do so), alongside your equipment, for the duration of the rage. Additionally, choose one of the following.

  • Undivided. The pantheon knows your strength. While raging, your size instead increases by two categories, your reach increases by 5 feet, and you gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed.
  • Khorne. All shall fear your horrible power. While raging, when you make the attack action, you can make an additional attack as part of that action, for a total of three attacks.
  • Nurgle. No pestilence compares to you. While raging, creatures that start their turn or enter within 20 feet of you must make a Constitution saving throw equal to 8 + your Constitution modifier + your Proficiency bonus, or become poisoned on a failure. They may reattempt the save at the start of their next turn, and the condition ends if they exit the area or succeed the saving throw. A creature that succeeds is immune to this effect for the next hour.
  • Tzeentch. The very essence of magic bends to your will. While raging, when you are targeted by a spell, you may use your reaction to cause it to target a creature of your choice within the spell's range instead.
  • Slaanesh. Your very being evokes feelings that are harmful to the uninitiated. While raging, every creature that starts it's turn or enters within 20 feet of you takes thunder or psychic damage(your choice) equal to your rage damage bonus.

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