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Path of the Calm[edit]

Anger by its nature is destructive and all consuming. Those who uses its power may be granted power and strength, but can consume those who wield them. Barbarians uses this destructive power to destroy their foes, for a short amount of time, consumed by their Rage in a short sighted and focused goal to destroy their enemies. This though has its drawbacks, as anything that might anger a Barbarian may also provoke him into Rage. This can bring about terrible consequences, as heated arguments, debates, or a simple fight can turn deadly with many Barbarians unfortunately harming their friends or loved ones by accident.

With this, some Barbarians have come to reject the power their Rage brings them, instead reigning it all in order to achieve a state of Calm. Within this state, the Barbarian has come to achieve a Zen-like state, able to see and deduce things that they wouldn't normally be able to achieve normally, even more so in their Rage. While they may have rejected the powers their Rage gave them, they now have new powers that their Zen-like state of Calm has given to them.


At 3rd Level, you gain the ability to enter the Zen-like state of Calm as a Bonus action. You can enter Calm a number of times equal to your current level in the Barbarians Rage table. When you enter Calm, you gain an additional +2 to your AC. This AC bonus increases by one every five levels (+3 at 8th level, +4 at 13th level, and +5 at 18th level). While in Calm you gain temporary Hit Points equal to Half your Barbarian level rounded up + your Wis Modifier at the end of your turn. You also gain advantage to all Wisdom checks and saving throws while in Calm. Your Calm ends after 1 minute, if you choose to end it early by a bonus action, or you get knocked Unconscious.

Do note that once you have entered this Path, you may no longer use your Rage as it is replaced by Calm. Remember, your Rage is what brought harm to your friend or loved one so you must never go back to it, lest you risk harming them again in your anger.

Zen Redirection

At 6th Level while you are in Calm, you may redirect any melee or ranged weapon attack. If you make no attacks and are in Calm, you may use your reaction to force an enemy you can see within 30ft attacking you or your ally to make a Wis Saving Throw DC (8 + your Wis Modifier + you Proficiency Bonus). On a failed save, you redirect their attack to one target of your choice. You may use this feature thrice per Short/Long Rest.

Zen Focus

At 10th level, you gain Resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing Damage. In addition, you can no longer be Charmed or Frightened while in Calm.

Calming Influence

At 14th level while you are in Calm you may give a number of allies equal to or less than your Wis Modifier (Minimum 1) a + 2 to AC and those allies gain half the temporary Hit Points you gain at the end of your turn. You lose 1 AC per affected ally.

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