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Path of the Brute[edit]

Barbarians are by their nature brutish and savage in their ways, using their great Strength and heavy built Constitution to destroy their foes and shrug off the greatest of hits. Even so, a good amount of Barbarians still know how to act proper and have a modicum of decency. They can respect honor, friendship, and loyalty as equally they do with Strength. Some Barbarians though are quite literally Brutes by their nature. Forceful and mean-spirited, these Barbarians know only power and force and only through those two would they be cowed. They know not the meaning of mercy and nor would they ever dare show such a thing. In their eyes, the only thing that matters is power and these men would show you how much it matters to them with a great swing at your head.

Brute Force[edit]

At 3rd Level, you have come to lose yourself in the heat of combat, getting even more power from your swings, but at the cost of your mental faculties.

  • Any of your attacks that benefit from your Rage's bonus damage gain an additional +2 to attack and damage rolls.
  • As soon as you select this Path at the 3rd Level, you now suffer disadvantage on all Intelligence and Wisdom saving throws whilst Raging.


At 6th level, you have come to adopt the savagery of animals, granting you greater power.

  • No matter the circumstances, your Reckless Attacks would always be at Advantage.

Hard Headed[edit]

At 10th level, you're stubborn will grants you power you didn't even know.

  • Whilst Raging, you are now immune to being Stunned or Paralyzed.
  • If you are either Stunned or Paralyzed, you can enter into Rage and suspend the effect for the duration of it.

Brute Force Savagery[edit]

At 14th level, you have come to fully combine your Brute Force and your Savagery into a power that no one can even dare try.

  • Whilst Raging, you can now attack three times when you take the Attack action.

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