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Paragon Blood Potion: This small crystal vial holds a dark liquid that seems to change color.
Strong Necromancy, transmutation; CL 21; Weight: 0 lb.

Many centuries ago, an evil sorcerer by the name of Mayvar, in an attempt to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world, started to experiment with some of the world's rarest and most exotic creatures. He found that when the blood of a paragon was completely drained from the body and distilled into a potion, it had the ability to give the imbiber the abilities, although temporary, of a true paragon. Over several years, he killed many innocent creatures in order to expand his collection of paragon blood potions, including children. However it was never enough.

Soon he grew tired of killing small creatures and only being able to produce one or two potions for his efforts. He sought for bigger game. He later heard of a paragon Great Wyrm that was living near a volcano many miles away. He went off in search of it with little preparation. After traveling for many months, he came upon the dragon and engaged it in battle.

The battle lasted for weeks. Many of the people in the neighboring villages were killed. The rest ran for fear of being killed. The resulting battle caused the nearby volcano to erupt, engulfing the surrounding farmland, leaving nothing but volcanic glass and ash. Both were near death, but it was Mayvar who was forced to retreat.

Barely escaping with his life, Mayvar swore that he would one day drain all the blood from the dragon.

It took him almost a year to heal and regain his strength. During that time, he tried to formulate a plan to defeat the dragon. He postulated that the only way to defeat the dragon was make a twice as powerful potion. With his body still weak, he did not have the ability to find and defeat any paragon creatures. And he worried about what would happen if he added anything to his current formula.

After he was fully healed, he went in search of the dragon, with several potions in hand. It took him several years to find the dragon, as their last battle had destroyed the dragon’s home, but when he did, he knew just what he must do. He popped the corks of his last two paragon potions, and drank them.

As soon as the second potion passed his lips, he started to convulse and writhe in pain. As the life slowly left his body, his body started to crumble to dust, only to be carried away by a gentle breeze.

What Mayvar didn’t realize was that the Paragon Blood Potion gave you seemingly unrivaled strength, but at a price. While under the effects of the potion, one’s soul is split in half. One half stays with the imbiber, while the other half travels to the Fugue Plane. When he drank the second, his remaining half was torn from his body and sent to join the other half.

One dose of Paragon Blood gives the imbiber the tempary abilities of a true paragon. The character gains the following benefits:

  • +120 temporary hit points
  • Triples speed, for all movement.
  • +12 insight bonus to AC, +12 Luck bonus to AC, and +5 natural armor bonus (if character already has natural armor, use whichever is higher)
  • +25 luck bonus to Attack rolls
  • +20 to damage rolls for melee and thrown ranged weapons
  • +13 insight bonus to special attacks (if applicable)
  • +15 to caster level for Spell like abilities (if applicable)
  • The character gains the ability to cast the spells Greater Dispelling, Haste, and See Invisibility three times per day, even if base character does not have casting abilities, at CL 15.
  • The character retains all of his special qualities, if any, and gains the following for the duration of the spell:
  1. Fire and Cold resistance 10 (If character already has this ability, use whichever is greater)
  2. Damage Reduction 20/+6 (If character already has this ability, use whichever is greater)
  3. Spell Resistance equal to CL +10 (If character already has this ability, use whichever is greater)
  4. Fast healing 20 (If character already has this ability, use whichever is greater)
  • +10 insight bonus to saving throws
  • +15 to all ability scores
  • +10 competence bonus to all skills with ranks.

When the effects of the potion ends, the character must succeed a DC 30 FORT save (Based on the character’s original score) or be reduced to -1 hit points (dying) Successful save only disables the character (0 hit points and stable)

If a character drinks another potion within a week’s time, he soul is then ripped from his body, only to be trapped in the Fugue Plane (-10 hit points) as the part of his soul has not fully returned to his body.

The effects last for 3 minutes.

Special: If a paragon creature drank the potion, it would instantly be transformed into a formless Abomination of its former self (see Monster Manual for stats) for the rest of its life.

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