Palutena's Army (3.5e Spell)

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Palutena's Army
Conjuration (Calling)
Level: Palutena's Warrior/4
Components: V, DF
Casting time: one standard action
Range: Personal (See text)
Target, or Effect: You (see text)
Duration: 2d4 rounds
Saving Throw: Reflex half (see text)
Spell Resistance: no

You call for help from the Goddess Palutena in the form of cherubs that attack your enemies for you. You summon one cherub for each class level and each deals 1d6 slashing damage per successful hit. Once the spell has been cast, the cherubs will hover above you for 2d4 rounds, or until you tell them to attack. You can choose to have all of your cherubs attack at once, or one at a time, and you may designate them to attack one or many targets. However, each time you tell a group of one or more to attack one target, you must make a ranged attack, and your target is entitled to a Reflex save. If the save is successful only 1/2 of the cherubs (rounded down) hit the target. Telling a group of cherubs to attack is a move equivalent action that requires only concentration. You may designate any target that is within your line of sight, however if the spell would have expired before the cherub makes a hit, the cherub disappears. A cherub can move 20 feet in a round, and homes in on moving targets, moving through all obstacles. An opponent may try and attack a cherub before it is sent to attack. This is similar to making a called shot against the caster, and the attacker takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls. Each cherub has 2d4 HP. A cherub will refuse to attack a target that has an Aura of Good.


Your Palutena's Bow

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