Pale Night: Mother of Demons (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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Pale Night:Mother of Demons[edit]

  • Level: 4
  • Binding DC: 23
  • Special requirement: None


Much has been written about this mysterious demon lord. Ancient tomes and scroll speak of her in varying shades of grandeur, with claims ranging from, Pale Knight having mothered several demon lords, to be the mother of the Tanar'ri race and perhaps others on the material plane. The only concensus is that Pale Night is viewed as a mother figure by both her cultists as well as many of the pits own denizens. Still she is largely an enigma. An obyrith who was ancient even during that race’s reign on the Abyss, today Pale Night dwells in a bonecastle located within the endless maze on the 600th layer of the Abyss, and has resided there since long before Baphomet claimed the rest of the layer as as own. Pale Night is also the matron of Androlynne, where she still torments the ancient offspring of the eladrin host that tried to cleanse the Abyss of the obyrith presence after their defeat on the Fields of Pesh.


A strange shimmering in the air announces the arrival of a shape, little more than a billowing white diaphanous sheet. Closer inspection reveals a lithe and seductive form beneath the sheet, a voluptuous feminine figure indistinct and hazy.


You appear to wear a shimmering white incorporeal cloack.


Pale Night's influence forbids you from taking hostile actions or committing potentially harmful subterfuge against any creature bearing a offspring. She bids you to harbor ill will towards all good aligned fey and cause you to carry resentment towards them forbidding you from lending them aid and waving her prior restriction in their case.

Granted abilities[edit]

Phantom step[edit]

As swift action you can make yourself incorporeal for 1 round. You may use this ability only once every 5 rounds.


You gain the feat, mobility.


As the confusion spell. You may use this ability once every 5 rounds

Obscuring vale[edit]

You gain 20% concealment while showing Pale Night's sign.

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