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Pair-Bonded Weapon: A Pair-Bonded weapon can Pair-Bond to another Masterwork Weapon of it's same kind, Pair-Bonding to it and sharing its magical enhancements.

To Pair-Bond this weapon, wrap it together with a masterwork weapon of the same type for 24 hours. After the ritual, both this weapon and it's Pair-Bonded-Partner share weapon enhancements and are enhanced as a single weapon going forward. [So for example, two +3 pair-bonded daggers would be enhanced as a single +4 weapon.]

If either pair-bonded weapon is pair bonded to a new weapon, it's old partner loses all magical qualities.

Note: if one of the pair bonded weapons is destroyed, the other can still pair-bond to a new partner.

Faint transmutation;CL 5; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Market Price: +1 bonus

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