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Pain is in the mind [Feat Type (General)]

Pain isn't real, it's all in your head, right? If you focus your mind you should be able to stop pain, or at least slow it down.
Prerequisite: Constitution 10 and Wisdom 15 OR Constitution 17; Taking this feat the third and fourth time requires being level 9, taking it the fifth time requires being level 15, Diehard
Benefit: This feat can be taken 5 times, each adding a rank.

Rank 1: Whenever non-ability damage is taken, you only take 25% damage, and the other 75% is dealt over the next 5 rounds. Pending damage is removed upon hitting -1 health and cannot bring you below -1 health. Damage taken cannot be prevented by DR or similar means.

Rank 2: Pending damage is taken over 7 rounds instead of 5, Healing from a source other than a healing per day (such as a monk or clerics') will remove all pending damage.

Rank 3: Pending damage is taken over 10 rounds instead of 7. Any form of healing will remove all pending damage. Once per encounter per 4 levels you may spend three full round (a successful concentration check of DC 20 will make it two) to remove pending damage, if you take damage in between these rounds you may restart the rounds (requiring another concentration check to remove one) or abandon trying, wasting that use. Requires level 9

Rank 4: Pending damage is taken over 12 rounds instead of 10. Once per every 4 levels per day you may gain health equal to any DR you would have without this feat (minimum of 1), this ability may only be used once per encounter; if this healing is negated by some means you still remove pending damage.

Rank 5: Damage taken is now 10% instead of 25% (pending damage now 90% instead of 75%) It now only takes two rounds to remove pending damage instead of three (a concentration check still removes one round) Once per week (or month at DMs discretion) if any non pending damage would bring you below 1 health, instead heal equal to your pending damage (minimum of your con or wis score, whichever is higher) Requires level 15
Normal: You take damage equal to damage dealt to you.
Special: During any Rage the percent of damage you take is 10 at ranks 1-4 and 5% at rank 5

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