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Domains: Torment, Destruction
Warpriest Domain: Death

Padomay is renowned as the lord of chaos, the destroyer, the eater of worlds, and the betrayer. Padomay is one of the original three Gods, with Anu, and Nir. Padomay loved Nir, though he slew her when she said she loved Anu. In anger, Anu cast Padomay out of time, though he one day returned. In their fight, Anu ended it by pulling them both out of time 'Forever'. He is worshipped by anyone who is evil, destructive or crazy. Only the most wicked of people would even consider worshiping him. He is worshiped by offering blood at his alters, praying for his return, and for creations' destruction.

  • Life is meant to end.
  • Death is the ultimate power.
  • Hate over love.
  • All that has form must one day decay.
  • Life is for fools too weak to accept their fate.

Padomay doesn't merely stay in Oblivion; he is Oblivion itself. Simple shrines hidden deep in dark caves are where his areas of worship reside.

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