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Price 9,000 gp; Aura moderate conjuration and transmutation; CL 7th; Weight 12 lbs.

These horseshoes are made of blackened steel and are typically stamped with infernal symbols or, less subtly, horrific images of terrified and tortured steeds of the darkest hues. They typically give off a slight smell of brimstone, as though they had been crafted in some hellish forge. Once per day on command, the mount's rider may grant it the smoke supernatural ability for a period of 1 minute. The horseshoes can be used for 10 rounds per day, split up as the mount's rider chooses (minimum 1 round per use). While this power is activated, the mount's eyes, hooves, mane, and tail burst into flame, and its hooves deal an extra 1d4 points of fire damage.

Construction Requirements[edit]

Cost 4,500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, burning hands, obscuring mist, stinking cloud

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