Oversized Weapon Proficiency (D20 Modern Feat)

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Oversized Weapon Proficiency [General]

Some people use big guns. Hellboy. Fox from Wanted. Each and every one of my characters to date. These gunslingers are specialized in getting the job done, but letting any character use such large weapons seemed fool hearty. Thus, the oversized weapon was born. But, again, just making this a weapon quality was stupid, because then weedy little millionaires could create weapons as big as they were and still use them. Thus was born the Oversized Weapon Proficiency feat.
Prerequisite: Strength 13, Personal Firearms Proficiency
Benefit: This feat allows you to wield an oversized weapon without penalty.
Normal: Normally, any character using an oversized weapon takes a minus 2 to all attacks with the weapon, and takes one damage from the recoil.

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